Yappy Hour!

Yesterday was a very long but productive day for me.
Started off the morning at 5:30 am seeing Mom off to ‘Church’ (that’s code for CrossFit Las Cruces). Then headed back upstairs to make sure Dad didn’t hit the snooze button for the 6th time! He needed to get his butt up and get me my brekkie and I made sure he didn’t forget about my side of yogurt I get every morning. After a little breakfast I took a quick nap while Dad got ready for work. As Dad headed off to work, Butthead and I began our morning patrol of the backyard and worked on some of our speed and agility training up and down the fence line with the neighbor dogs. Mom picked us up at lunch and we went to the office where we inspected the trash receptacles and rested up for the evening Yappy Hour event at St Claire Winery.
After work we headed to Yappy Hour. Had a fantastic time visiting with my pals, meeting new ones, and enjoying the fine dining (Butthead and I each ordered a grilled chicken breast and a nice bowl of crystal clear tap water). Mom & Dad tried to share an appetizer with each other until a gust of wind launched a menu across the table at Mom while sending the appetizer and Mom’s glass of wine into her friend Tiffany’s lap. Butthead was quick and scarfed up the appetizer bits that landed in the grass and then looked up at Mom with the “What? What’d I do?” look while Mom tried telling him to ‘Drop it’…hahaha, too late Mom…I gotta give my little bro kudos for his quick thinking on that one! Luckily the wind died down and Mom & Dad got to enjoy their entrees and happy drinks before Dad headed off to play Ice Hockey in El Paso.
Back at home that evening I helped Mom in the kitchen making up these scrumptious wheat free Chicken & Cheddar Cookies.

Wheat Free Chicken & Cheddar Cookies

Wheat Free Chicken & Cheddar Cookies

2 C Brown Rice Flour;
1 C Ground Flax Seed Meal;
1 C chicken (cooked & finely diced. Mom uses a rotisserie chicken; keeps the breast, thighs and drumsticks for her and Dad, and then pulls the remaining meat off for my treats);
½ C shredded cheddar cheese;
1 egg;
3 tbsp. vegetable oil;
3 tbsp. fresh parsley (finely chopped);

Chicken & Cheddar Cookies - Ingredients

Chicken & Cheddar Cookies – Ingredients

How To:
Preheat oven to 375oF. Combine flour and flaxseed meal in large mixing bowl. In separate bowl mix together oil, egg, & parsley. Mix thoroughly the wet ingredients w/ the dry. Fold in the chicken and cheese. Knead thoroughly until all ingredients are well distributed and the dough has a nice consistency. Divide dough in half. Between 2 sheets of parchment paper, roll dough flat to ¼ inch think and cut shapes w/ cookie cutter. Place cut shapes onto lined cookie sheets and bake for 20 – 45 minutes or until firm depending on the size of the cookies. Turn off oven, but leave cookies in the oven until cooled completely (this allows the dry air in the oven to help them get good and crunchy).
NOTE: ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

Making sure Mom doesn't burn the cookies.

Making sure Mom doesn’t burn the cookies.

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