Back to Running!



FINALLY!! Mom and I are back to running again! Yay! I LOVE to run! Mom is still a horrible runner and she’s definitely not going to break any land speed records. But she tries, and I know she only does it for me coz’ I love it sooo much. The only one slower than her is Butthead. That goof is always dragging behind, I gotta pull him half the time.
You know what other animal likes to run and runs REALLY fast for a REALLY long distance? ORYX! These buggars really can run despite looking a little top heavy.
But, you know what’s better than a running Oryx? A tasty one that’s in your freezer! Check out this week’s meal supplement Mom whipped up for me with some tasty Oryx that Dad harvested a while back.

Oryx 'Stir-fry'

Oryx ‘Stir-fry’

Quick & Simple ‘Stir-Fry’

1-1/3 C Sojos Brand Dehydrated Fruit & Veggie Mix (dry);
1 lb ground meat (lean meat is preferred);
Steamed rice (brown rice is preferred);

How to:
Rehydrate the Sojos according to package directions. Brown ground meat in frying pan until thoroughly cooked. Drain excess fat if necessary. Turn off heat and add the rehydrated Sojos in the pan w/ the ground meat. ‘Stir-fry’ until thoroughly mixed. Serve over steamed rice.

NOTE: ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

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