A Saturday Morning in Las Cruces

Had an awesome Saturday morning this Memorial Day weekend.  Mom took me & Butthead on a 3 mile run with my girl Kosey & her Mom.


After a nice morning run, we all headed down to the Farmer’s Market to get some fresh veggies and other goodies.  Mom got us some homemade doggie treats from Savannah’s All Natural Dog Treats.  We then went and had brekkie at Gina’s Cantina, there in the downtown area.


They had a very nice little patio & the nice lady working there brought us pups a big bowl of fresh water and offered us some more goodies. It was nice relaxing in the shaded courtyard while mom enjoyed her huevos rancheros with whole beans.


Everyone was very friendly down at the Farmer’s Market and Gina’s Cantina was a great place with nice dog friendly people & good food.  Definitely A 5 Paw Walter Approval rating!


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