Summer is here! Yay!! The afternoon temperatures have been breaking into the triple digits. Perfect for splashing in the pool, or better yet, playing in the MUD! Since it is getting hotter out Dad’s been running the sprinkler system longer in the early morning and Butthead and I have been diligently working on improvements to our mud pit. (Censor warning: Mom & I apologize for Butthead’s lack of decency in this photo, he can’t seem to keep his ‘boy parts’ to himself sometimes.)

Playing in the Mud?  Who us?  What gave you that idea?

Playing in the Mud? Who us? What gave you that idea?

Some important summertime tips for you peeps to remember. First and foremost. It is FREAKING HOT here in the middle of the desert and twice as hot in your parked car. NEVER, EVER, EVER leave your fur coat wearing kiddos in the car while you ‘just run into the store real quick’. That’s just plain boneheaded. In fact just this past week some DUMBASS did that very thing right here in Las Cruces, he left a Momma Doggy and her 2 pups in the hot car. Well, the poor Momma Dog didn’t make it and at this time I do not know the current condition of the now orphaned pups. Mom said she’d like to lock that SOB in a hot car and watch him begin convulsing from heat stroke (she can be kinda aggressive when it comes to dealing with idiot people she’d just like to smack around with a baseball bat or tire iron…but she’s also kinda cute that way). Anyway, sadly, that MORON is likely not going to receive near the punishment he deserves (like public stoning).
Since it’s hot out that means the pavement and sand beneath our feet is also VERY HOT! Keep your outdoor activities like jogging, going shopping at Farmer’s Market, and hiking to the early mornings or late evenings before things heat up. Mom & I jog in the early morning when things are still cool, but when we can’t she makes me wear my NeoPaws ® ( running shoes. I’m not particularly taken with them (Dad says I look like a dork wearing them) but I put up with it and they really do keep my feet protected when running and hiking. Sometimes if we are just out and about enjoying a summer day of wandering the town I like to wear my American Flag K9Koolhat® ( it fits great and when Mom soaks the terry cloth liner with water it really keeps my noggin from getting too warm in the sun. Here’s a picture of me and Dad enjoying a Gelato last summer in Tucson wearing my K9Koolhat®, it’s so smart looking that Dad & I got to meet lots of pretty ladies while Mom was off shopping.

My first Gelato

My first Gelato

Here’s a treat to help your pups keep cool this summer (sorry, there’s no picture, Mom is a bonehead and forgot to take one):

4 ripe bananas (the riper the better);
2 C fresh Blueberries;
2 C Yogurt;
1 ½ C all natural Peanut Butter;

How To:
Toss all ingredients in the blender and whirl that sucker until smooth and liquidy. Pour the smoothie mix into small plastic condiment to go cups, or ice cube trays, or muffin pan, or Styrofoam cups. Put them in the freezer overnight. To serve, pop them out of the containers and lick those suckers up! Yummy and refreshing on a hot summer day!
NOTE: ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

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