Have you seen that animated movie UP? It’s a pretty cute, but sad, film about an old man who realizes when his wife passes away that they had been so busy with making a life that they never really did live the life of adventure that they had once dreamed. So, after his wife passes away, this old guy sets off on a grand adventure.
I’m not gonna tell you everything about the movie you’ll just have to Netflix it yourself to get up to speed. Anyway, I’m talking about the main Dog character in the movie. See, if you had seen you’d know what dog I’m talking about. So, about the dog…this dog is just a plain old happy, happy, tail & tongue waggin, kind a dog…except he talks!



Boy, sometimes, I wish I could speak my mind like that dog on TV. Coz’ then I woulda definitely told Mom where she could go with that stupid toothbrush she was trying to clean my teeth with this morning!

Oh yeah, back to the dog…His name is ‘Dug’. So, ‘Dug’ can talk because of this special collar but aside from that he’s pretty ordinary naturally friendly doggy like most all of us doggies. ‘Dug’ does have one obsession…SQUIRRELS…or anything that moves that he thinks might be a SQUIRREL…he is easily distracted by them and once distracted he is entirely focused on chasing the imaginary SQUIRREL that he forgets about everything else going on around him.
I got to thinking about ‘Dug’ this weekend when watching my knuckleheaded little brother ‘Buliwyf’ (aka ‘Butthead’) chasing the reflections on the kitchen ceiling or floor. Mom and Dad both tried to explain to Butthead that the reflections that he is chasing are made from the light bouncing off of the shiny things on the counter and the glass on the door. But he is convinced that we let that reflection creature in everytime we open or close the back door and somehow it makes it’s way onto the ceiling and just hangs out there taunting him. Even when Mom offers him a treat he hesitates coz’ he doesn’t want to take his eyes off this ‘creature’ he is seeing. He’s even started talking to it! I just hope it hasn’t started talking back to him, then we’d really have some problems.
So after watching my little brother’s obsession with this reflection creature I realized that the reflection is his very own ‘SQUIRREL’…and I started thinking maybe everyone has a SQUIRREL…the one thing or obsession that when they are distracted by it the rest of the world around them seems to fade to the background…well, except for me, that never happens to me of course.
SALMON?! Do I smell SALMON?! Where? Where? Where is that wonderful, beautiful, pink, yummy, delicious SALMON?!!!

Why is there a puddle of drool on the keyboard?
Anyway…like I was saying, everyone (except for me, of course) has a SQUIRREL…so, what’s your SQUIRREL?
Lucky for me, Mom’s obsession is coming up with new ideas for making me yummy treats like these FRUIT ROLL UPS:

Ham Roll Ups

Fruit Roll Ups

1 apple;
Cream cheese;
Cheddar cheese;
All natural Peanut Butter;
Natural nitrite free lunchmeat (Mom chooses Applegate Farms or Hormel Naturals turkey or ham);
How To:
Core apple. Cut apple into 16 equal wedges lengthwise. On each wedge spread ½ tsp of either peanut butter or cream cheese, or place one slice of cheddar cheese. Wrap each wedge with ½ slice of lunchmeat. You can also use bananas or carrots instead of apples.
NOTE: ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

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