Look out!  Mom’s fired up again.  This time it’s over people and places who claim to be dog friendly but in actuality they mean they are only SMALL dog friendly.

Mom is trying to organize our Turkey Day plans for our family vacation.  In doing so, in internet searches for pet friendly cabins, hotels, lodges, etc. she has found several ‘pet friendly’ places, but then once she starts looking at the fine print in their posted ‘pet policy’ most of them mean they are friendly to small dogs or dogs up to 50 lbs.  Or worse, don’t mention any size discrimination until you try to make your reservations.

Well, seriously folks, just because we are big dogs doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy travel just as much as little dogs.  In fact, if some of these people who operate these places actually thought about it, got their heads out of their butts, and did the math (that’s assuming they can count), they would realize that people who have big dogs are accustomed to paying more for their big dogs (not that it is always fair in some cases).  Heck, the cost of everything for big dogs is exponentially higher than that of smaller dogs…the price of food is higher, the price of toys is higher, the price of dog beds are higher, crates, medications, etc.…so if you have someone who is willing to travel with their big dog they already understand that some things might cost a little more and often times those people are willing to pay that extra.

In the recent past, some BIG dog friendly hotels, cabins, lodges, or activities I’ve vacationed with Mom and Dad at are:

  • Hotel Teatro, Denver, CO (, 5 PAWs Walter Pupproval rating, super comfy rooms and the peeps working there are super friendly, plus they have welcome doggie bowls & treats;
  • Ocean Villas Inn, Ocean Beach, CA ( , 3.5 PAWs Walter Pupproval rating, they got a neat DIY dog wash and special doggy towels for after playing at Dog Beach, welcome treats;
  • Holly’s Place Cabin, South Lake Tahoe, CA (, 5 PAWs Walter Pupproval rating, they got a cool doggy pond for splashing in, welcome doggy water bowls, and the peeps there always have treats in their pockets;
  • Tahoe Sport Fishing Co., South Lake Tahoe, CA ( ) , 5 PAWs Walter Pupproval rating, although I found fishing somewhat boring these guys were super cool and we scored enough Salmon for dinner!


Most recently, we discovered that the following places are NOT big dog friendly or not as dog-friendly as they claim to be:

  • Westin Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, NV ( ,  1 PAWs Walter Pupproval rating – NOTE: we stayed there last summer and while they were BIG dog accommodating, they did not permit dogs in or near the outdoor dining patios with the exception of the outdoor lounge which had ZERO shade….I categorize them as not really being dog-friendly but more dog-accommodating…there’s a big difference peeps;
  • Sleepydog Guesthouse , Bisbee, AZ ( ) 0 PAW Walter Pupproval rating – NOTE: we did not stay here.  Online Pet policy does not (at the time of this post) indicate any size or breed restrictions, when attempting to make reservations Mom let the owner know that she and Dad would be traveling with 2 large breed dogs.  The owner replied that there was a vacancy and rate would depend on the size and breed of the large breeds.  After Mom notified the owner of my size (a VERY small size for a Dane, I might add), the owner stated that they would not accommodate us.  Too bad too, seemed like a cute place.

Peeps have the right to make certain rules pertaining the pet policies to their own businesses.  We can certainly respect that.  Just don’t be hypocrites about it.  You either ARE or ARE NOT, there is no HALFWAY.

Anywhoo.  Mom got some other plans worked out and it’s gonna be a great trip.  I’ll report back with details after our trip.  Sorry no recipe today, (Mom’s been busy making yummy doggy cakes for tomorrow’s Yappy Hour event)…but check out these great bandanas we got printed up for Walter’s Lunchbox by the dudes at ROJO Ink ( ).

walter modeling bandanas

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