Yappy Hour was this week and Mom was asked to make some doggy cakes for the event to celebrate Lil’ Smokee’s 12th birthday.  Yappy Hour is always a fun time; we get to go out with the parental units, enjoy some fine dining (Mom always gets us a side order of grilled chicken breast), visit with some pals, and it raises money for a good cause…to rescue doggies like me, of course!

So, Mom’s had been busy baking and decorating these yummy cakes.  She made two kinds of cake, they were both scrumptious.  The recipes are at the bottom of this post. Yappy Hour Cakes 6-19-13

As the official Quality Control Supervisor of Walter’s Lunchbox, made sure all the ingredients were up to our high standards (Butthead and I also got to manage all the prewashing of the mixing bowls, spoons, and mixer beaters).

IMG_00000011 Here are a few pics from the event taken by the peeps at DogCruces Magazine: 954696_10152019459901040_1787245548_n

Lil’ Smokee and her Mom receiving a Proclamation declaring it Smokee Day.



Here’s Pax enjoying some of the cake.


Lil’ Harriet waiting for her next taste of cake (looks like she got some frosting on her nose).


My pal Susie, sporting a ‘Walter is my Wingman’ bandana.



Wet Ingredients:

2 C Water;

¼ C Pumpkin Puree (not Pumpkin Pie Mix);

1/8 tsp Vanilla;

1 Egg;

2 Tbs Honey;

Dry Ingredients:

2 C Brown Rice Flour;

1 C Rolled Oats;

1 C Dried Apple (diced);

½ Tbs Baking Powder;



Wet Ingredients:

2 C Water;

¼ C Ripe Bananas (approx. 1 large);

1/8 tsp Vanilla;

1 Egg;

2 Tbs Honey;

Dry Ingredients:

2 ½ C Brown Rice Flour;

½ Tbs Baking Powder;

¼ C Carob Powder (unsweetened);

How To:

Preheat oven to 350oF.  Mix with hand mixer all wet ingredients.  Add in dry ingredients.  Mix thoroughly.  Pour batter into a greased cake pan.  Pop it in the oven for approx. 45 minutes (or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean).  Place on wire rack to cool.  Turn out cooled cake onto a cake board and decorate that puppy up with cream cheese frosting (see recipe below).  Makes 1 small 9” bone shaped cake, double or triple recipe for larger or multiple cakes.


CREAM CHEESE FROSTING (Recipe from www.DogTreatKitchen.com )


8 oz Plain Cream Cheese (softened);

2 Tbs Plain Yogurt;

2 Tbs Honey;

2-3 Tbs Brown Rice Flour;

1 Tbs Carob Powder (unsweetened, use only if making brown carob frosting);

How To:

Mix all ingredients using a hand mixer until evenly smooth.  Spread frosting on cooled cake.  Use remaining frosting to add decoration if desired.  Refrigerate completed cake until ready to serve.  Refrigerate all leftovers (if there is any).  Note:  one or two drops of food coloring can be added to the frosting for a specific decorating effect; however, some food coloring make specifically for cakes contain preservatives.  Although resources indicate that any food coloring safe for humans are safe for dogs as well, Mom prefers not to use food coloring if she can or if possible natural food dyes (ie. Carob powders, beet powder, etc.).


NOTE:  ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.


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