It’s been a fun few weeks.  Mom and Dad have been having a few parties here at the house.  Which means that Butthead and I get to con unsuspecting guests into giving us some tasty morsels of food when Mom & Dad aren’t looking.  They’ve had a going away party, several hockey parties (it’s Stanley Cup time, unfortunately my Bruins failed to beat out the Blackhawks…next year guys!), birthday parties, and some just because parties.  Heck, it’s the summertime; why not party?!

I even met some really nice peeps and their kiddos, one young lady that I met wrote this nice journal entry about me and my family.  Thanx Miss Brook for the nice words and it was great to meet you. Brook's Journal Entry

Another little girl I met was like me.  She too is deaf.  Since we almost stood eye to eye, she was a little afraid of me at first but I tried to play bow and let her know that I understand her.  I recognized pretty quickly that she and I were kinda alike and I think that by the end of the night she was more comfortable…at least I hope so.

We’ve also been swimming in the pool lots.  I really don’t care to get in to pool on my own but Dad puts in the deep end of the pool every weekend so I remember exactly how to get out.  Dad must think that I get amnesia during the week or something.  I assure you Dad, I know exactly where the steps are to get out of that cement pond.  The part I like most about having to get in the pool is the part where I get out!  Although, I will not admit it to Dad; it is nice and refreshing to take a dip in the pool on a hot summer day.


IMPORTANT SUMMER POOL SAFETY TIP!  When training a new pup about how to be around a swimming pool, try bumping them in once or twice ‘accidentally’ and then guide them to the proper location to get themselves out of the pool.  Do this a few times at random.  This will help them learn how to respond when in a panic if they ever fall in by accident.  Of course, just like with toddlers, NEVER EVER leave pups unattended around the pool area. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Speaking of twerpy little toddlers.  Mom and Dad have also been teaching Butthead how to swim.  I’m not convinced how bright he is, coz’ he actually seems to like the whole repeatedly being in the water thing.  I think maybe it’s all just for show and he only does it coz’ he gets a lot of praise from Mom and Dad (Sometimes, humans are so easily entertained).  What a little suck up!  C’mon dude, be your own dog!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another cool and easy summertime treat for your pups can enjoy poolside are chicken or beef broth freezer pops.  Simply pour reduced sodium beef or chicken broth (slightly diluted) or homemade broth into ice cube trays or small plastic cups, pop them in the freezer for a few hours.  To serve pop them out of the plastic cup or ice cube tray.  Add a fun surprise by tossing in a couple of chunks of hot dog before freezing!



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