Here’s another great Dog Friendly dining spot here in the LC.  It’s called De la Vega’s Pecan Grill & Brewery (http://www.pecangrill.com/ ).  This place is great! IMG_00000037

We entered thru the private dog friendly entrance called the ‘Back Porch’ located on the west side of the building.  You have to have to know the secret word to gain access…that word is…GOOD BEER. IMG_00000040

The SuperCool peeps there welcomed us to the shady patio that had a big screen TV, fans, and a refreshing misting system.  They brought me and Butthead a big bucket of ice cold filtered water and since we arrived still during the brunch hour Mom and Dad both ordered the Cajun Marys (Dad normally orders one of the many great microbrews, but this time he changed it up!  Go Dad!).  Which were Bloody Marys made with their signature green chile infused vodka; rimmed with a lime, salt, & chile pepper blend; and topped with spiced cocktail shrimp.  I think Mom found a new favorite drink with this one.  IMG_00000044

For appetizer they ordered the signature dish of pecan encrusted Stuffed Hatch Green Chiles.  Which had the right spiciness and gooey cheese on the inside with a crusty tasty pecan coating on the outside. IMG_00000045

Mom ordered the Green Chile Tuna Melt with unseasoned Sweet Potato Fries (Sweet Potatoes are sweet enough on their own, so if you don’t want the extra sugar they toss them with requested them ‘unseasoned’).  Mom’s sangwich  was served on a crusty ciabatta bread and the added green chile had a little bite to it.  IMG_00000050

Dad ordered the Breakfast Burger; consisting of a huge hamburger patty cooked to order, thick cut BACON!, cheddar cheese, a perfectly cooked over easy egg all on a croissant bun. IMG_00000046

Dad’s meal assaulted him as he took his first bite into the beast of a burger, by spewing runny egg yolk onto him.  IMG_00000048

Mom burst into laughter at the sight of Dad covered in egg yolk, but that laughter quickly turned to snorting as Mom ended up with a piece of green chile stuck in her nose since she happened to be taking a bite of her sangwich when this incident occurred.  IMG_00000049

Meanwhile, my side order of chicken breast was just sitting there getting cold!  They really could have waited until after I got my food before breaking into such horse play!  As you can see, Butthead and I were not amused!   IMG_00000051

De la Vega’s gets a 5 PAW Walter PUPproval rating from me.  For fantastic food, dog friendly peeps, and great atmosphere. IMG_00000043

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