CAMPING 2013!!! (Day 1)

Hi there Peeps!  Sorry, I’ve been M.I.A. the past week or so, but I’ve been super busy…people to see, places to go, naps to take, balls to chase, and all that jazz.

Plus, We FINALLY got to go camping and hiking again!!  It was my Mom and Dad’s 14th wedding anniversary over the 4th of July and what did Mom want to do on such a romantic day of the year?  Go camping!  That’s right, I said ‘camping’ not ‘glamping’…none of that fancy sleeping in the outdoors with queen size mattresses, down comforters, bear skin rugs, fine china and private chefs for my Mom…she’s not the high maintenance kind of gal and wanted only to sleep on the ground, cook chili on the camp stove (there were fire restrictions in effect), enjoy cheap wine out of her blue enamel camp mug, go for hikes, and simply relax.  Yay!!!  I’m all for that!

With the mountains so close by it would seem like it would be simple to just get away for a weekend every few months…But NOOOO…Mom and Dad have these things called WORK and CHORES that frequently get in the way of my fun!  So, this short trip was a special treat for all of us! (yeah, Mom said we had to take Butthead along too)

We headed out to the Lincoln National Forest near Cloud Croft, New Mexico and found a mostly secluded primitive camp site near the Sunspot Solar Observatory (

Mom and Dad got camp set up while Butthead and I explored camp and most importantly, let everyone know that we had staked our claim.  Establishing that was exhausting work…do you know how many trees there are in the forest!?  I couldn’t get them all but was able to get our camp perimeter clearly identified. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

During our exploration of the camp site, we discovered that this site must have been a prime elk hunting spot for hunters in the hunting season, as we found at least a dozen areas where elk had been harvested and their remains were scattered everywhere!  Some lucky dogs out there have a freezer full of yummy elk meat to feast on all year long!  I’m SO jealous! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was Butthead’s first time in the mountains and his first time camping.  He was pretty overwhelmed with all the new smells and sounds of the forest. There were all different types of new animal poops he kept trying to eat (not the usual lizard, bird, or cat poop he finds at home), and Mom and Dad had to keep yelling at him to ‘leave it!’ or ‘drop it!’, but most of the time they’d be too late and he’d swallow whatever sort of poop he had in his mouth and then smile at them with this stupid goofy grin and his teeth all covered in that nastiness!  Yuk!  He’s a disgusting little twerp, I still don’t understand why Mom keeps him around.

Anyway, once camp was settled, it was time for Yappy Hour!  Dad served up some Happy Drinks and Mom prepared a plate of brie, prosciutto, apple slices, and crackers.  Of course she made Butthead and I each a plate of our own turkey, cheddar, & apple fruit roll ups (recipe previously posted).  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After a yummy  snack Butthead continued to explore camp, sniffing, digging, and tasting everything; while Dad read in his hammock; and Mom and I started to read a new book called ‘Merle’s Door’ by Ted Kerasote.  Well it’s not exactly new, Mom got it from my Auntie NaeNae a couple of Christmas’s ago and it sat on Mom’s stack of ‘books to read’ for a long time.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We read until the sun started to set; actually, Mom read, I fell asleep in the sun. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At dinner time Mom served up kibble to Butthead and I while Dad worked on serving up their ‘fancy’ anniversary dinner, consisting of pan browned Hot Italian Sausage, canned green beans, and a camp cup of Merlot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After dinner, before it got too dark, Mom put these cool glow collars on us.  They’re actually, glow necklaces made for kids that Mom gets at the dollar store.  You break the little thingy on the inside of the necklace and shake it around until it glows.  They last all night long and Mom brings one for each night we are going to be camping so that when we have to go out and tinkle in the middle of the night she can keep a sharp eye on where we are when it is pitch black.  They’re also pretty fashionable and act as a night light in the tent. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3 thoughts on “CAMPING 2013!!! (Day 1)

  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an anniversary to me!

    Thanks for stopping by and following little ol’ me. You can tell Butthead I have hime beat in the eating icky stuff category. I found a marijuana stash once when we were in the mountains and ate some! The bad part was that I had to spend the night in doggy ICU at the local animal hospital….

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