CAMPING 2013!!! (Day 2)

So the first night sleeping in the tent with Butthead was a royal pain!  He didn’t know how to sleep in a tent, he wouldn’t stay on his side of the sleeping bag, he kept stepping all over everyone, he stepped on my head, on Mom’s hair, and pushed me off the sleeping bag.  Well, needless to say, because of Butthead we were up pretty early that next morning.

After cooking up breakfast we headed out for a morning hike.  One of my really favorite things to do is hiking and exploring the mountains.  There are all sorts of neat smells, fresh air, cool weather, and sometimes we get to spy a deer, or elk, or squirrels, or other wiley critters. I get to carry my own gear too in my cool doggy daypack filled with all sorts of good stuff.


Check out what I carry for a typical day hike:

  • Basic Canine First Aid Kit: IMG_20130630_144918

Mom also adds to the First Aid kit:

  • kwik stop styptic powder;
  • big dog toenail trimmers & tweezers;
  • EMT gel;
  • a pair of baby/toddler socks to help cover foot wounds or hold on bandages;
  • a roll of vet wrap;
  • emergency vet info; IMG_20130630_142724

Other stuff that’s in my day pack include:

  • 1 liter of water in a colapsable bladder (Mom carries an extra 2 liters in her daypack ‘just in case’ I run out);
  • A spare leash;
  • Collapsable water bowl;
  • A raincoat (unexpected rain showers are frequent in the mountains, and if I get wet then I get cold, and I hate being cold);
  • My special Trail Mix (see recipe below);
  • And some of my Canine Power Bars (recipe to be posted in the near future);

We hit up Lincoln National Forest Trail No. T9277.  Mom keeps this cool trail book (Lincoln National Forest Trail Guide by; John W. Stockert) with her and marks the trails we’ve hiked, which ones are single tracks, and those that limit the use of off road vehicles (I’ll save the comments on Motorbikers and ATVers for a later ‘STUPID PEOPLE’ post). 9781879343283_p0_v1_s260x420

Along with her trail book she always keeps a USGS Quad map and compass with her.  She doesn’t believe in relying on GPS when on the trail or out hunting, she sez’ nowadays people don’t even know how to read and navigate with a real map (I think there’s another ‘STUPID PEOPLE’ topic for later).

Anyway, back to the trail…on our hike we saw lots of cool stuff:

Wildflowers in bloom… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Nautiloid fossils…. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


And other strange beasts (apparently the FS is doing some maintenance)…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Butthead discovered that butterflies and grasshoppers don’t just exist in our backyard.  He was going crazy chasing the flying/hopping insects and their shadows.  He was zigging this way and zagging that way, tripping Mom, zooming past Dad, up one hillside, then the other, back and forth the entire time we were on the trail.  I bet he turned a 4 mile hike into 6 miles!  What a nut!

There was a thunder shower heading our way and we headed back towards camp a little after noon for some lunch and a nap.  Mom and Dad enjoyed some ice cold brews with some raw veggies, hummus dip, pita chips, and summer sausage.  Butthead and I each got one of the giant sized Peanut Butter Apple Cookies that Mom had made for the 4th of July.  Of course she also shared some of their baby carrots and snap peas with us, which I would not normally eat plain (funny how things taste better at camp than they do at home).

The rest of the afternoon, while Mom and Dad read, Butthead and I played and napped…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we played some more, then napped some more again until we saw Dad lighting up the stove to cook some Chili and Mom was loading up our bowls with kibble.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After dinner, some other neat creatures came out to taunt Butthead before we headed off to bed.

First there was a big June Bug… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Here’s that Trail Mix recipe, hope you enjoy it!!!



Freeze dried chicken gizzards and sweet potatoes; Left over broken cookie/biscuit pieces; Dried banana, apple, sweet potato chips; Chicken, Salmon, or Aligator jerky bits; Dried blueberries or other dried or freeze dried dog safe fruits or veggies; Some choice kibble;IMG_20130703_171516

How To:

Gather all ingredients, put it in a Ziploc baggie, and shake it all about!


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