Last week Mom and Dad ran off for a friend’s wedding in Jamaica. In fact it was my girl Kosey’s Mom who was getting married to my bud Moose’s Dad, cool pups with cool peeps equals a cool family! Yay! Respect Mon!


View from the bar, Sandals Negril

Anyway, Mom prepared her usual Critter Sitter Information sheets for Auntie NaeNae who was going to be taking care of me and Butthead. Coz’ Mom sez’ the stupid airlines only allow doggies that fit under the seats to ride up in the main cabin…ridiculous rules if you ask me…I would be quite comfortable in one of them Reclining Seat in First Class.

Sea critters...

Sea critters…

 Oh yeah, so Mom prepared her information sheet for Auntie NaeNae and it came out to be nearly six pages long! Dad joked that Mom was overly paranoid and that next she’d be having our attorney drafting up a dogsitting contract and require proof of bonding and insurance or something. Mom said that there is a difference between being prepared and being paranoid.

So here’s what kind of information Mom includes on our Critter Sitter Info:
• Our Names;
• Our Breeds;
• Our Nicknames;
• Mom and Dad’s Contact Numbers;
• Names and Numbers of backup friends/family peeps;
• Our Vet’s name and numbers;
• Emergency Veterinary Clinic info;
• Feeding instructions;
• List of my sign language commands;
• The verbal commands that Butthead understands & ones he is trying to learn;
• And a ‘Contingency Plan’ (what to do if either of us gets lost);

Sunken treasure?

Sunken treasure?

The ‘Contingency Plan’ is a step by step instruction on what actions to take and who to call if one or both of us go missing. It includes the following:
1. Who to call and notify first (these names/numbers include Mom and Dad as well as local friends who can help out in a search immediately;
2. File a ‘Missing Dog’ report with the local shelter (include website, email, and tel);
3. Post photos (Mom always takes a recent photo of each of us and emails or texts it to our sitter) and ‘MISSING’ notices (see next note) on local pet and rescue facebook pages (include a list of local pages that you know will get the word out);
4. Use this language in the Notice: MISSING in _____ area. ‘Name’ – sex, breed, age, color description. Please contact _____ (Tel…./email….) with any information or sightings. REWARD for information leading to his/her safe return.
5. Print and post flyers (Mom prepares ‘MISSING’ posters and emails them to our sitter before leaving on a trip) within the neighborhood, all local veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, parks, and dog parks;
6. Contact the following Microchip companies and file a lost dog report: Microchip company, tel number, pet’s microchip number;
7. FOLLOW UP with the above steps…



So you decide….is my Mom being overly Paranoid or simply well Prepared in the care of us pups?  Although, I would always prefer to travel and explore cool new places with Mom; I know she always makes sure I am well cared for and in the hands of people we both trust.  So while she and Dad were off diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and gettin all romantic like (yuk!); Butthead and I got to run and play with our buddies Oliver, Susie, Annie, Calvin, and Jaxon!



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