‘Hola’ peeps!  Wow, what a week it’s been!  I was gonna catch y’all up on my Labor Day Weekend happenings with the bar hopping, dove hunting, and such but between the napping and eating the days seem to have gotten away from me.  Got, lots to share but for now the most important thing that happened this week for me was that Mom and Dad took me (and Butthead too) to my most favoritest dining establishment in all of the LC…’Andele’s Dog House’ ( …and not only did I get to go once, they took us two times in the same week!!  That means I got TWO!  Count ’em…2…BACON wrapped HOTDOGS! All in one week!

Of course, Mom and Dad started with a bucket of cervezas (that’s beer in espanol, you know)…bucket of beer

And a bucket of chips and salsa for appetizers…chips and salsa

Andele’s has this great self-serve chip and salsa bar with a large selection of different salsas and pico de gallo…salsa bar

They often share a platter of Tacos al Carbon for two.  These guys have some of the best tacos al carbon around and the platter comes with your choice of two deliciously marinated meats (beef, chicken, or pork), grilled onions, charro beans, guacamole, and little baby corn tortillas or flour tortillas.  This plate is so huge that they often take home the left overs and make nachos or quesadillas later in the week…tacos al carbon

When they decide they aren’t in the mood to be sharing an entrée (ie…this often happens when Mom has temporarily been possessed by the hunger monster and no one is brave enough to get between her and the food), Mom usually enjoys the Rotisserie Chicken that is served with avocado slices and tortilla (take home left overs pictured here only, coz’ Mom was too blinded by hunger to take a picture before devouring the rest of the chicken)…rotiserrie chicken

And Dad will normally enjoy the Carne Adovada or the Giant Mexican Shrimp cocktail…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This place is so PAWsome they also have some amazing burgers and delicious hot dogs (Mom loves the Queso Dog – bacon wrapped hot dog covered in green chile and charro beans in a bollio bun smothered in queso).

The second time we went there this week it was for the Cruces Canines fundraising event, where I won the Love Bug award…love bug award

Aside from receiving a major award, I was most interested in partaking in my delicious BACON wrapped hot dog…did I mention it is wrapped in BACON?!!!!bacon wrapped hot dogs

Mom and Dad both agree that Andele’s and Andele’s Dog House has some of the bestest Authentic Mexican Food in the LC area.  Plus, these guys are SUPER Doggy Friendly!  The staff often bring us pups bowls of fresh water and treats as well as giving us pups a scratch behind the ear or pat on the head.

Andele’s Dog House gets a 5 PAW+ Walter Pupproval rating…most definitely!

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