Today, I had planned to tell y’all about some really exciting news that Mom and I had for you.  But then we saw this article in the newspaper today about the flood damage to one of my favorite doggy friendly places…Glenwood and the Gila Wilderness…

Mesilla Valley Search and Rescue was called early yesterday to assist in searches in the damaged areas which included Glenwood and the ‘Ghost Town’ of Mogollon, New Mexico.

A couple of years ago, when I was just a young pupper, Mom and Dad took me and my Sissy PaiGow on a weekend trip to the Gila Mountains.  We stayed in a great little cabin at this super big doggy friendly place called the Double T Homestead (  The proprietor Miss Polly was super friendly and she had these great corrals of horses…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and miniature donkeys…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The rooms were cute and nicely appointed with a full size and a twin bed, small bathroom, kitchen, dining area, bbq grill, and  front porch for enjoying happy hour and dozing in the warm sun…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cabins were really close to the Catwalk recreational site (  or (  This place is cool leashed-dog friendly hiking spot that gives you a unique glimpse of the old mining stream originally used to bring water to the ore processing plant. The catwalks were originally constructed out of old rusty pipe and wood planks but now are a series of steel mezzanines and suspension bridges weaving through the rock formations a dozen feet above the stream bed…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Along the trail you get to see waterfalls…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cross thru hidden pools of water…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I didn’t realize how deep it was…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We also saw some BIG Horny Toads…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And Crossed a scary suspension bridge (my Sissy went first to show me that it was OK, she was so brave)…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My turn (even though I was with Mom, I was still a little nervous)…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A short drive from the cabins is the Ghost Town of Mogollon that used to be a busy mining camp (  That afternoon we headed over to check out the Museum…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We saw some old boarded up mine entrances…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rusty old abandoned cars and gas pumps…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We saw this resident doggy…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These old mining cars…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


What prompted today’s post was seeing this flood damage to this place in the photos posted by the MVSAR…compare this picture of the Mogollon Museum with the one from two years ago (above)…1275053_10151735405466051_789324462_o

Now that’s a LOT of water and flooding they got hit with…hope they can recover quickly.  I hope to go back there someday soon…and maybe see if I can trick Butthead into falling in the pool of water at the Catwalk!  I definitely give Double T Homstead 5 PAWS Walter PUPproval rating for their big doggy friendliness and great atmosphere. So, once these places are opened up again I hope you and your pups get the opportunity to visit.

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