Last Wednesday night was the Yappy Hour fundraiser at St. Clair Winery ( it was also a special event to recognize local K9 Officer ‘Dave’ who was stabbed in the shoulder when responding to a call with his handler LCPD Officer Jeremy Story.  The District Attorney Mark D’Antonio recognized the K9 team and awarded Officer ‘Dave’ with a cool new collar…IMG_00000220

Mom and Dad enjoy going to Yappy Hour with us pups coz’ they get to get out of the house, socialize, and relax a little.  Mom enjoyed a glass of the Winery’s refreshing Pinot Grigio…IMG_00000210

While Dad enjoyed his Marble Brewery Red Ale and fed the mosquitos…hahaha, with all the rains lately the mosquito population has been even worse than normal here in the LC.  Lucky for Dad, Mom is almost always prepared and had some bug dope stashed in her purse.

To enjoy along with their happy drinks, Mom and Dad ordered the Spinach Artichoke Dip appetizer which was delicious and creamy with a hint of spiciness…IMG_00000213

Since it just so happened to be National Cheeseburger Day, for dinner they shared the Bistro Burger with bacon, green chile, and avocado…IMG_00000221

The juicy burger cooked to order comes with fat steak fries which Mom absolutely loves.  Unfortunately, the green chile was too touristy and had no heat to it.  And it was only after they were halfway done eating that they realized that they forgot to add the CHEESE!!  Hahaha…amateurs!

Of course, a gigantic cheeseburger would have been nice, but instead I ordered a healthy side order of grilled chicken breast for me (oh, yeah, and Butthead got one too…he’s such a copyCAT)…IMG_00000222

When they moved the Yappy Hour events to the St. Clair, some were skeptical that it would work out.  Originally the management and staff were not too certain and seemingly wary of serving around the K9 guests and their human peeps.  But now, I think with all the Yappy Hour exposure to pups and peeps they’ve got it all figured out that us pups (like many peeps) can been perfectly polite dinner guests, and the management and staff now is super friendly and welcoming to us pups.  St. Clair Bistro gets a 4.5 PAW Walter PUPproval rating from me.IMG_00000212

The other really cool thing that night was the debut of my Walter’s Lunchbox column in the Dog’Cruces magazine!fall2013dogcrucescover

Walter’s Lunchbox in print! How PAWsome is that?!  And THANK YOU Dog’Cruces & Mayor Vic for inviting my Mom and I to join the Dog’Cruces team!fall2013dogcruceswalterslunchboxdebut

You can pick up your copy at local newsstands in the LC area or check it out online here: (I’m on page 28 of the Fall 2013 issue!).

It was really a great evening despite the mosquitos and not winning the ZZ Top tickets that were being raffled…coz’, you know, ‘Every woman’s crazy about a sharp dressed man’…


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