Our friend Miss Terri, gave me and Mom this neat dog treat baking device (or I guess technically it would be called an appliance?) ‘As Seen on TV’…called a Bake-a-Bone… IMG_20130925_182306

Mom and I decided to test it out the other evening and report back to you our thoughts on it.  First we removed it from the box and admired at how cute it is… IMG_20130925_182450

Reviewed the odd Instructions and Safeguards page… IMG_20130925_195625

And cleaned it according to directions for first use… IMG_20130925_201903

I selected the Apple Cinnamon Recipe from the recipe book it came with, only exception to the recipe is that because of my wheat sensitivity Mom used Brown Rice Flour instead of regular flour… IMG_20130925_195747

We set it up and plugged it in to heat up while Mom mixed the batter… IMG_00000247

Once the not quite ‘Green’ indicator light came on indicating that it was up to temperature, Mom filled the four bone shaped platens with the appropriate amount of batter, closed it up, and set the timer.  After 8 minutes in accordance with the directions she opened it up and attempted to remove the first batch of treats.  Well, here we learned that the front two sections of the unit got hotter than the back two and the burned treats stuck to the platens resulting in Mom demolishing them when attempting to remove them from the unit.

As you can see I was not pleased with the destruction of such cute treats… IMG_00000251

And here’s a close up of the burned demolished treats… IMG_00000256

On the next round Mom used a non-stick spray on the platens and as you can see the rest of the treats turned out much better… IMG_00000259

Since the unit only bakes 4 treats at a time and each round takes approximately 8 minutes each and the batch of batter yielded approximately 56 treats as you can imagine, Mom and I were standing there in the kitchen for quite some time.  Well, actually Mom was the one standing, I started by patiently sitting and observing… IMG_00000253

After a while I decided that I could still supervise while also relaxing just a bit… IMG_00000257

After supervising Mom for a while to make sure she wasn’t gonna burn anymore of the treats I decided that I could leave her unsupervised and take a short nap… IMG_00000258

In summary, here are some things we observed with the Bake-a-Bone product…


  • It’s Cute;
  • Easy clean up;
  • Comes with lots of good recipe ideas;


  • Uneven cooking;
  • Only bakes 4 treats at a time (that means approx 2 hours of total baking time for 1 batch of batter);
  • The ‘Green’ indicator light doesn’t really turn ‘Green’;
  • There is no timer or indicator when your treats have been in long enough (which means constant setting of the timer each round);
  • Instructions suggest using a wooden or rubber spatula to remove the treats from the unit, Mom discovered that a bamboo skewer and some rubber tongs actually work better;
  • The instructions do not recommend using a non-stick spray, Mom discovered after the first batch stuck to the platens, that a quick spritz of non-stick spray between each round works best;

While the treats were quite tasty they turned out a little on the soft chewy side, more like a cake.  Although it does not seem like the ideal appliance for baking crunchy treats in large volumes Mom did get some ideas for other types of treats where it might actually be really useful…those recipes will be coming up soon!


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