Sadly, Summer days are over and Fall has arrived.  This time of year here in the LC is bitter-sweet.  The horrendously hot summer days are over and day time temperatures are typically in the low 80’s.  But at night the temperatures start to drop by nearly 40 degrees!  Which means old man Winter is right around the corner…and I DO NOT like the cold!

So around this season is when I start insisting that Mom bundles me up at night…Las Cruces-20130103-00195

It also means, sadly, dove season is over and I don’t get to enjoy any of these field fresh dove hearts until next season…IMG_00000170

In our neck of the desert, there are three types of dove to hunt, all of which are quite tasty.  There are Mourning Dove…

mourning dove

White-Winged Dove…


And Eurasian Collared Dove…

eurasian collared dove

We have been enjoying these field to plate dove poppers several evenings this past month…IMG_00000197

Made by pairing each little dove breast half with a sliver of jalapeno or fresh roasted green chile, wrapping them with a half a slice of bacon and throwing them on the grill.  Served up with some Ranch dip, they make great appetizers at Happy Hour.

For a Dove PUPper version for me and Butthead, Mom simply eliminates the chile or jalapeno and serves them with a plain yogurt dip!  They are delish! (toothpicks are removed before serving, of course)IMG_00000173

For the dove breasts that don’t get turned into poppers Mom minces them in the food processor to use in dishes like tacos or enchiladas, or delicious sliders for me!   They may be the rats of the skies but these critters are super tasty and versatile substitute for ground beef in many dishes.

Until next season, lovely, tasty, little dove…


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