It’s Halloween season and that means costume contest time.  Last year, with all the hoopla of the new airport security scanners and such, Mom had the brilliant idea to dress me up as a TSA Scan Dog…everyone thought it was hilarious, but me…561900_357312071029690_1267310891_n

And although I did win 1st place in the Annual Yappy Hour contest…Butthead got to be a Fireman!557612_10151497836276040_1984243418_n

This year, I insisted on something a little more hip.  And what could be more cool and more hip than the classic Blues Brothers?BluesBrothersPoster1

But of course, since I am the tall slender good looking one, I am a natural to be ‘Elwood’…20131013_165024

And since Butthead is short (and round) he naturally must be ‘Joliet Jake’…20131013_164923

Check out these great Fedoras Mom found for us, pretty hip huh? Now, all we need is the Bluesmobile and we’re set…20131013_164947

Here are a few more pictures from our first photo shoot…

“Four fried chickens and a Coke…and some dry white toast, Please.”20131013_165151

“We’re putting the band back together…”20131013_165118

“Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”20131013_165212

Tonight was the last Yappy Hour for the year and there was, of course, a Costume Contest!  There was a bunch of good competition this year (especially Scuba Steve) but Butthead and I (using my suave hip ways, of course) managed to win the major award!  That makes me the repeat champ 2 years running!  I’m gonna have to up my game for next year if I’m gonna make it a Three-peat next year!

We also entered in the Better Life Pet Food Halloween Costume Contest.  The grand prize is a year’s worth of dog food which I’m gonna try to win to donate to the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso. Wish me (er, us) luck!

“We’re on a mission from God…”

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