Last night I dreamt I was lost and alone in the woods.  I heard strange eerie noises (yes, I know I’m deaf…it was a dream people, work with me here) all around me and they were getting louder and louder.  It sounded like a hundred quickly moving little legs were scrambling all around in the dark.  I couldn’t see them I could just hear them.  Getting closer, and closer, and closer!  Then I started to feel them, crawling all over me, starting at my feet and crawling up my legs, then they were on my back and up my neck!  The sound got louder and louder! Oh NO!  They were almost in my ears!  I panicked! I started jumping and running around in circles, shaking my head and ears vigorously, desperately trying to get those tiny little legs off of me!  I tried rubbing them off on the ground and with my paws but they were still there!  Then they struck…they bit me on my face!

I bolted straight up in my bed!  Looked around in the dark, spotted Mom still tucked in bed sleeping.  Whew, thankfully it was just a nightmare!

Relieved that it was just a nightmare, I started to get comfortable in my bed again.  But then I started to feel funny.  My face was itchy.  I scratched my head and face.  But the itchiness continued and was spreading!  I got up and rubbed my face in my favorite Flokati rug, but it didn’t help either.

I went to wake up Mom…“Mom, my face is itchy”…

She replied, “go back to bed Walter, we’ll get up in a minute”…

I nudged her some more; half asleep, she mumbled… “we’ll get up soon”… and rubbed my head and neck…it felt good, but I was still itchy…

“Mom, my face is itchy”…I nudged her again…

Dad got up and he had turned the bathroom light on but I could only see a sliver of light…I followed him.

Before turning to look at me, he said to me, “what’s the matter buddy?”

“Dad, my face is itchy…and I can’t see you”…

He looked at my face and yelled to Mom…”Walter’s eyes are all swollen shut!”IMG_00000361

Mom leapt out of bed and came running into the bathroom to see what Dad was talking about.  “Oh my God!  What happened to him?”…she said….“It looks like he got bit by something…but what?”

Dad said…”I don’t know, I don’t see any bite marks or anything.  I’ll check his bed to see if I can find anything.”

Dad said the only thing he could think of that we have around the house are centipedes and black widow spiders; but he’s never seen any black widows indoors so he guessed that it was most likely a centipede.  Kinda like this one we saw the other morning…IMG_00000273

Meanwhile, Mom was already getting dressed and telling Dad…”I’ll get him to the vet’s office and be there right as they open.”

Well, it was still about an hour before the vet’s office was going to open and Mom told Dad…”don’t feed Walter just in case it’s not a bug bite”…

WHAT!?!?  First my face itches, swells up so much I can’t see, and now you’re not gonna feed me either!?  What sort of HELL is this and what have you done with my real Mom!?

So hungry, itchy, a little scared, deaf and now blind; Mom takes me into the Vet’s office.  By now, the swelling had also encompassed the rest of my face, my cheeks, and my jowels.  I looked like a Shar Pei!IMG_00000368

 Since I already can’t hear and now I couldn’t see, I stuck very close to Mom, making sure that I could smell her and feel her next to me.  It was a new and scary feeling for me.  Then, the vet proceeded to take my temperature in the most undignified manner ever conceived…Rectally!  Ugh!  IMG_00000370

And after all the poking and prodding the Vet gave me a shot in the buttocks to help with the swelling and what appeared to be an allergic reaction to whatever it was that bit me.

After the Vet visit Mom FINALLY fed me my brekkie and then took me and Butthead to the office with her.  I spent the day at the office snoozing…IMG_00000390

And looking pathetic…IMG_00000384

Uncle Nick took pity on me and got me a Poochie Cone from Caliche’s Frozen Custard place!IMG_00000391

Mom gave me a second dose of Benadryl and by this evening my face was starting to look almost normal again…IMG_00000393

We’re not 100% certain what bit me in the face but I sure hope it doesn’t happen again!


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