Sorry I’ve been MIA peeps…but Mom’s been really busy with that ‘work’ thing again…looks like I’m gonna have to have another serious talk with that woman, coz’ this silly ‘work’ thing is really interfering with my social life!

So, to fill you in…Butthead and I participated in the Pits for Peace Walk with our Auntie Renee and the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso to promote awareness of the true sweet nature of Pit Bulls, bully breeds, and all homeless pups everywhere…IMG_00000418

The event was held at Young Park, where we got to see ducks and geese….IMG_00000443

Some ‘Art’…IMG_00000440

And truck food…IMG_00000429

On Dia de los Muertos (that’s Day of the Dead en espanol, the Mexican holiday of rememberance and celebration of the lives of those who have passed) we celebrated by heading to the Dia de la Cervezas Beerfest held downtown here in the LC…IMG_00000499

It a was pretty rockin afternoon.  Brewery’s from all over the state were here with their best brews to sample and the parents got these cool commemorative pint glasses to savor the brews from (hmmm, come to think of it, there were NO pup brews at this event and hence no commemorative doggie brew bowl, that really would have been cool)…IMG_00000497

Brewery’s in attendance included: Abbey Brewing/Monks Ale (Dad’s current favorite), Blue Corn Brewery, Bosque Brewing, High Desert Brewing Company (the local most PAWsome doggy friendly Brewery), La Cumbre, Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery, Marble Brewery, Mimbres Valley, Santa Fe, Second Street and Sierra Blanca Brewing Companies.  There was also live music and some crazy people dancing.  Plus more local food trucks like Luchador, Happy Dog, and Jesse’s KC BBQ!

Dad brews beer too!  Not on the scale to sell like the microbreweries.  But he’s been making home-brew for several years now (actually, decades).  A few weeks ago he and some buddies were over to brew a new batch.  This time he decided to brew a German Wheat or more correctly a Hefeweizen.

This particular batch was a little different from the ones he’s brewed in the past.  This one was a little darker than most wheats and when he pitched the yeast it took a little while to activate, but then once it did it took off like crazy!  It went SO crazy that the water lock popped off the top of the fermenter and spewed the wort all over the kitchen ceiling, walls, and table.

Needless to say, Mom was not too thrilled with the mess and since the parents have a tradition of naming their brews after us pups, Dad decided to call this wild brew ‘Wingman Walter’s Wild Wheat’.

Here’s me inspecting the quality of the brew after it was done fermenting and before it was transferred from the fermenter to the bottling bucket…IMG_20131026_175037

Dad’s bud Jason, bottling up the brew…IMG_20131026_185334

Dad, capping the bottles…IMG_20131026_185306

Me supervising the bottling process…IMG_20131026_185956

Here’s one of the complete cases of ‘Wingman Walter’s Wild Wheat’ or ‘W4’…IMG_20131026_191032

It wasn’t until after I was done supervising this process that Mom reminded me that I can’t have wheat or alcoholic refreshments.  That’s when I realized that I could have napped the whole time this process was going on!

Oh, Hey!  I just had a BRILLIANT idea!  I’m gonna see if Dad will make a doggy safe brew or maybe a cider just for pups and maybe we can enter it in the next Beerfest!  What do you think?

So, that in a nutshell is what’s been happening in my world.  Now, getting ready for the HOWLidays…gonna try my best to keep Mom focused on getting back to the dog treat making and give this work nonsense a break.  More recipes coming soon!  Hopefully.

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