Day two in Tombstone was Thanksgiving Day.  Since most establishments were closed that day to let their employees enjoy time with their families the streets of Tombstone were mostly deserted, almost like a ghost town!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After sleeping in late and cooking up some brekkie in the cabin we headed out to explore the town sans the hustle and bustle of other tourists. We did find these Helldorado Gunfighters roaming the streets…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The one on the far left with the red sash is Mr. Rob.  We also met him and had some drinks with him at the Dragoon Saloon.  After visiting with Mr. Rob, it turns out that he once lived here in the LC but now he’s a Helldorado Gunfighter…how cool is that?

We later checked out the dog friendly Helldorado Town ( Gunfight and Comedy Show.  The show is great and you can get you a beer to enjoy at the show.  It’s a little cramped sitting in the bleachers to watch the show when there is a large crowd.  Dogs get in for free, but make wise choices peeps, if your pup is a little gun shy or startled by loud noises probably best to sit with them outside the show area.  Mom and Dad enjoyed the show, since I’m deaf the resonating gunfire was only mildly irritating, but Butthead did get a little freaked out with all the gun shots so close by.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Helldorado Town gets a 4 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for dog friendliness, just could use some more space for us bigger doggies.

The Good Enough Mine (, next door to the Dragoon Saloon, was also open for tours on Thanksgiving Day.  They too are doggy friendly so we headed out on a tour to explore the mine with our guide Mr. Sam.

Entering the old Silver Mine…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Descending down into the mine…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You seriously want me to go in there?  It’s dark and creepy! (No, those are not ghostly orbs in the picture, Mom’s camera lens has crusty dog slobber on it)…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ok, Why are we still down here?  I haven’t had my Turkey Dinner yet!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Good Enough Mine tour gets a 4 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for doggy friendliness and offering a unique experience for us pups.  Really, how many of you pups can say that you’ve toured a genuine 1800’s silver mine?  Check that one off my bucket list!

FINALLY, we get to eat Turkey Dinner!  After the mine tour, we headed back to Johnny Ringo’s BarOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Where they were serving up a Thanksgiving Day feast free for anyone.   Dad bought a couple of brews from the bar and Mom and Dad enjoyed a full on turkey dinner with all the trimmings with us pups on the outdoor patio…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We got to meet peeps from all over the place; local peeps, snowbirds, tourists, and bikers…it was the coolest Thanksgiving ever, to be welcomed like family to join in the celebration, no matter who you are or how many legs you have…now that’s what I am Thankful for (that and the scraps of turkey Mom saved for me).  Johnny Ringo’s Bar gets a 4 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for dog friendliness.

After that feast, we headed over to the Tombstone Sweet Memories ( for some frozen yogurt…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This place was great, us pups were welcome inside and offered a bowl of fresh water, treats, and ear scratchies right away!  As you know I love my yogurt…and Frozen Yogurt?  Heck yeah…I’m your Huckleberry!

Mom and Dad shared a Huckleberry flavored frozen yogurt with me and Butthead; but I certainly would have enjoyed an entire cup of my own!  Tombstone Sweet Memories gets a 5 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for super nice peeps, big dog friendliness, and YOGURT!!

After yogurt, Mom and Dad headed back to the Dragoon Saloon to enjoy the sunset…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and some happy drinks.  While I cleaned Miss Rachel out of all their puppy cookies and then proceeded to take a nap beneath the bar…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Part 3 of my Thanksgiving adventure coming soon!

Walter’s PUPproval rating criteria: 0 PAW – No Dogs Allowed; 1 PAW – Dog breed/size discriminatory; 2 PAW – Dogs accommodated but not really Welcome; 3 PAW – Dog friendly, but could be more welcoming; 4 PAW – Dog friendly, happy to see us, water offered; 5 PAW – Super Dog Friendly, water & treats offered, operated by dog lovers;

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