The third day of our trip was the day we spent doing the most touristy of tourist things.  First on the agenda was a stagecoach ride.  Yep, a genuine horse (or, mule) drawn stagecoach…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are a several Stagecoach Tours in Tombstone, and all of them (and the trolly tours too) welcome doggies to ride in them…super cool, huh?  Me, Mom, and Butthead rode inside the cab of the coach while Dad got to ride shotgun…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The ride in the 100 year old stagecoach was a little too bumpy for my enjoyment and after the first 10 minutes, I decided that it was not all that exciting.  But as you can see, Butthead thought this was the greatest thing ever, you would have thought he was on an amusement park ride or something…IMG_00000528

When exiting the coach Mom heard some lady actually say to her totally embarrassed boyfriend…”I don’t think I want to ride in there after those dogs were in there!”…  now I can certainly understand that if your deficient immune system has an allergy to us perfect creatures, but seriously lady, do you really think that the worst thing riding in that stagecoach over the past 100 years is a dog?  And I’m sure more recently some little tourist kids wet their shorts while sitting on those seats.  Tombstone’s Stagecoach Tours gets a 4 PAW Walter PUPproval Rating for dog friendliness.

With riding a stagecoach now checked off my bucket list, we headed up the street to check out the Bird Cage Theatre (…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While we big pups were allowed in the front room, sadly we were not permitted on the tour.  Mom and Dad discussed taking turns doing the tour while the other waited outside with us pups, but ultimately decided to stick to their guns and spend their $$ at establishments that do not discriminate against us big doggies.  Although the peeps were friendly and there is a lot of cool history to be seen at the Bird Cage they only get at 1 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for discrimination.

Disappointed, we set out to find some lunch.  We had passed the Café Margarita ( the previous day and saw this sign posted on the gate, so we decided to check it out…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s always nice to see when an establishment announces that they are pet friendly.  We were enthusiastically greeted with very friendly peeps and wait staff on the colorful patio.  Our waiter Mr. Peter was very glad to have us pups there and brought us a big bowl of water right away.  Dad ordered a beer while Mom ordered a Prickly Pear Margarita…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Appetizer was a basket of chips and freshly made salsa, being fire eaters that Mom and Dad are they found the salsa tasty in flavor but also very touristy mild (you have to keep in mind peeps that my Mom and Dad are abnormal when it comes to enjoying spicy food)…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dad ordered the Grilled Fish Tacos with rice and corn…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While Mom got the Chile Rellenos with rice and black beans…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of course Mom ordered a hamburger patty for us pups and Mr. Peter was so PAWsome he crumbled the hamburger for us, added some shredded chicken, and served it up in separate bowls for us!  Too cool!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mom and Dad agreed the food was delicious but could have used a hint of heat, service was fantastic, and the drinks were refreshingly icy cold.  I had no complaints with my meal!  I think it was prepared and seasoned perfectly…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As Mom and Dad were enjoying their second round of drinks the patio started fill up with other tourist peeps and their pups, it was practically like our Yappy Hours here in the LC.  Café Margarita gets a 5+ PAW Walter PUPproval rating for super dog friendliness, great service, and PAWsome peeps!

Whoa!  Looks like I’m gonna have to spilt Part 3 into 2 parts…Part 3b, coming up next!

Walter’s PUPproval rating criteria: 0 PAW – No Dogs Allowed; 1 PAW – Dog breed/size discriminatory; 2 PAW – Dogs accommodated but not really Welcome; 3 PAW – Dog friendly, but could be more welcoming; 4 PAW – Dog friendly, happy to see us, water offered; 5 PAW – Super Dog Friendly, water & treats offered, operated by dog lovers;


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