WOW!  I’ve been nominated for a blog award by Kuruk’s (check out Ku’s blog Haiku by Ku) Mom Miss Julianne (check her blog Through the Peacock’s Eyes).  Thank You to Miss Julianne for the nomination!  This is my very first ever blog award nomination…I’m still so new to this blogging thing I hope I do this right.  For this post, I am selecting to enter The Liebster Award for discovering new blogs.

Liebster Award

Here are the official Liebster Award rules:

1.Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.   Did that above and Thank you Miss Julianne & Ku!

2.Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator. See my answers below.

3.Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers. Geez, I hope I can come up with 10 that I know with less than 200 followers…See my nominees below.

4.Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.  See questions below.

5.Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.  Done.

Here are Julianne’s questions:

1. Which book has most affected your life & how did it affect you?

Even though I am deaf Mom reads to me anyway.  She sez it’s because she and I have a very special bond and I can always hear her even though I can’t hear.  She has read me many books but the one that has affected my life most is what she calls the ‘Cookbook’.  How has the ‘Cookbook’ affected me?  It inspires Mom to create fabulously yummy treats that keep my belly full.

2. Does your job satisfy your soul? If yes, how? If not, what job would?

My ‘Job’…my primary job duties are to Eat, Sleep, Play, Poop, and bring joy to my humans.  Yes, I’d say each these requirements of my job do satisfy my soul.  I mean, what’s not satisfying about a delicious meal, a restful nap, a fun romp, or a relieving poop?  Additional duties as assigned include: running/jogging coach to my Mom, and Quality Control Supervisor of Walter’s Lunchbox.  Both of these duties I also take quite seriously.

3. Is there a work of art that really speaks to you. What is it & what does it say?

In this world we are surrounded by so many works of art, both natural and manmade, that all speak to me and they all seem to tell me that I have to pee.  Fire hydrants, trees, shrubs, telephone poles, mailboxes, trash cans…there are just so many, and I appreciate them all.

4. What motivated you to start your blog & what do you want to achieve with it?

So, how did Walter’s Lunchbox come to be?  On days that I get to go to doggy day care, Mom packs my lunch in my cool Spiderman lunchbox.  lunchbox spideyI would get her to take a pic of my lunch that day and share it on my personal Facebook page, where I was also sharing local dog friendly happenings, local missing/found pets, doggy news and important doggy related information.  Pretty soon, friends were starting to ask me and Mom: “What’s in Walter’s Lunchbox today?”   We started getting more requests for recipes and even some orders for cookies and cakes by those peeps who didn’t want to bother with the cooking part.  Finally, someone said to Mom “Walter eats better than I do, he should have is own food blog.”   So, with that prompting and Mom’s love of other food blogs, we decided to give it shot.  We have a long way to go, but ultimately we hope to inspire other peeps to want to have a greater connection with their furry friends through healthy cooking.

5. Do you regulate what you eat, for health, diet or religious reasons & if so, how?

Unfortunately, my diet is regulated by my Mom.  If I had my say, I’d eat what I want, when I want and it would comprise of mostly BACON!   She tells me that it’s all to keep me in good health but between you and me, I think her reasons for regulating my diet are entirely because she can’t seem to regulate her own.  Can we say ‘Power Trip’?

6. Do you have a recurring theme in your dreams & if so what do you think it means?

I am seated at a large formal setting, waiters bring me endless platters of BACON, prime rib, and SALMON…An attendant scratches my ear and fluffs the pillow at my back…I stretch, and settle into a nap.  Las Cruces-20130103-00195In this dream within a dream, fat cats run as I chase them with Cheetah like speed and reflexes…I catch one, and as I have it pinned to the ground in a play bow…I feel this wet slobbery tongue licking my head…I look down at the cat only to find it’s not a cat, it’s my brother Butthead!  Startled, I bolt upright, wide awake, and realize Butthead has come to wake me up coz’ it’s dinner time.    What does it mean?  I have no idea, just reconfirms that my nick name for my kid brother is rather appropriate.

7. If you were granted three wishes by a genie what three things would you choose?

Assuming Butthead (that’s my lil’ bro, his real name is ‘Buliwyf’ but I think Butthead is more fitting) doesn’t eat the genie first my three wishes would be:  (1) that there was no more pain and suffering for any animals; (2) that homeless and neglected animals know what it feels like to be loved and safe; and (3) that every place in the community welcomed us well behaved doggies.  Oh, and world peace.  That’s my best Miss America Pageant answer.

8. Regarding your personality, what animal would you say you identified with most closely & why?

Hmmm…I would have to say I identify most with Bart Simpson! (hey, I’m a dog and Bart Simpson IS an animal as far as I’m concerned)  Because he like myself has a penchant for mischief, is a well known rebel, but also has a seldom seen gentle side.

9. What is your perception of the meaning of Life, The Universe & Everything?

I’ve pondered this very question for many years.  And in the almost 4 years of mi vida I’ve come to realize that a full belly and a warm spot in the sun is as close to heaven as it gets.

10. Describe yourself in a Haiku. (A three line verse of seventeen syllables, traditionally five, seven, five, but this is flexible).

I’m not much of a poet but I gave this a couple of tries…Ku, I might need your expertise here…

Quietly digging,

Mom catches me by surprise,

Shakes her finger ‘No’!

My favorite rug,

I love to dive in and roll,

A flokati rug!

Light through window breaks,

My blue eyes adjust in glow,

Always too early.

Startled, ready to run,

Mom’s up! Cold air awaits.

I poop and I’m off!

And now for the 10 nominees!

OK, here’s where I run into some big problems…first, Mom does not let me on the computer often enough to keep up with all the blogs I follow…second, most of the blogs I currently follow have more than 200 followers already…

So, I was only able to come up with 2 nominees (and one of them actually has just over 200)…



Obviously, I need to convince Mom that I should get to spend more time with my blog pals and her ‘work’ stuff is just gonna have to wait.   I’m not too sure she’ll go for that. So in the meantime, I’ll work on finding and adding new nominees.

And the 10 Questions:

Some are from Julianne’s list because I couldn’t come up with anything original…

  1. Name a figure in history who has helped guide your character and describe how.
  2. How would you describe your favorite food in the form of a Valentine’s date?
  3. What motivated you to start your blog & what do you want to achieve with it?
  4. Compose one rhyme using the words Turtle and Aardvark.
  5. Does your job satisfy your soul? If yes, how? If not, what job would?
  6. Do you own a pet?  If so, do you make it a point enrich their lives? And How?
  7. Use one word to describe the scene out your window this very moment.
  8. What is your perception of the meaning of Life, The Universe & Everything?
  9. Where do you find your inspiration for your blog topics?
  10. If you could be someone famous for one year who would that be and what would you intend to accomplish in that time?


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