Hi there peeps!  If any of you were wondering, yes, Mom and I are still around.  We’ve been working like dogs lately!  Well, that is, Mom has been working; Butthead and I have been keeping up with our napping, pooping, eating, and playing.  It’s looking like it might be this way a little while but don’t give up on us just yet!

Just because Mom’s been working, doesn’t mean I haven’t made sure that she’s still been cooking up yummy treats and food for me, she can sleep later, right?  To be quite honest, with all the work she’s been doing I’m surprised she hasn’t forgotten how to use the toaster or boil water!  The recipes have been piling up and as I can pry Mom away we’ll get them posted.

Here’s one Mom made us for New Year’s…these treats were sooo tempting that Butthead and I stole a bunch off the counter when Mom was bagging them up!  These suckers are so Lip Lickin’ Good, it was worth the scolding we got!  Hope you enjoy!




1 lb raw chicken livers;

2 eggs;

2 Tbsp dry milk powder;

¼ tsp garlic powder;

2 C brown rice flour;

½ C ground flax seed meal;

¼ tsp parsley;

How To:

Preheat oven to 350oF.  In a blender or food processor blend livers, eggs and dry milk powder until liquid.



In a large mixing bowl combine liquid liver mixture with brown rice flour, flax seed meal, garlic powder, and parsley.


Mix thoroughly.


Drop by Tablespoon onto greased or parchment lined cookie sheets and flatten with back of a spoon so cookies are of relatively even thickness.


Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes or until firm.  Leaving cookies in the oven, turn off oven and allow to cool completely.

NOTE:  ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

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