After long hours of working lately, Mom and Dad, FINALLY gave me and Butthead a break from all our hard work at Mom’s office…IMG_20140402_125048

And took us out to lunch today. We got to go to International Delights Café (, a neat Mediterranean restaurant here in the LC with a nice outdoor doggy friendly patio. It was a nice day around noon, the sun was out and the wind was not blowing, a great day to enjoy a business lunch…IMG_20140411_121010

Mom ordered the Chicken Shawarma with a greek side salad…IMG_20140411_123405

Dad ordered the Gyro and FAILED to order a side grilled chicken breast for me and Butthead! I couldn’t believe it! How can they selfishly order food for themselves and not order anything for me?!IMG_20140411_115855

Turns out the place was really busy and the service was kinda slow anyway. Mom said that although her meal was very tasty it was not really anywhere near being a genuine Shawarma like she used to get from the street vendors in Saudi Arabia…


Dad reminded her that we are in New Mexico and are lucky to even have good tasting ethnic food establishments that are not Mexican food. To that she agreed.

International Delights gets a 3+ PAW Walter PUPproval rating for dog friendliness. While us pups are welcome on the patio we were not offered any water by the wait staff.

After Mom and Dad had a nice lunch and we got some fresh air and sunshine it was ‘Back to Work!’  Back at the office, I had a talk with Mom and convinced her to share most of her carrots, turkey, and cheese that she had packed for her late afternoon snack with me (Yes, and Butthead got some too)…IMG_20140411_132704

I told her she could keep the celery and cherry tomatoes, and then got back to work…IMG_20140411_130701

It’s been an exhausting week for me and Butthead having to go in to the office every day this week, I am so ready for the weekend! Have a great weekend peeps!

Walter’s PUPproval rating criteria: 0 PAW – No Dogs Allowed; 1 PAW – Dog breed/size discriminatory; 2 PAW – Dogs accommodated but not really Welcome; 3 PAW – Dog friendly, but could be more welcoming; 4 PAW – Dog friendly, happy to see us, water offered; 5 PAW – Super Dog Friendly, water & treats offered, operated by dog lovers;

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