If you’ve been following for a while now you know that my Mom is into CrossFit and Weightlifting, she only tolerates the running part simply for my enjoyment.  If it were up to her, she’d just lift heavy things and put them down and completely ignore that ‘conditioning’ part.  That’s why she calls me her running coach, coz’ if it weren’t for my love of running she wouldn’t be doing it at all.  Now that the mornings have been warmer, Mulberry trees are done blooming, and we’re well into spring, much to my delight we have been consistently back on our regular early morning running schedule.  Yay!

Mom and I have also been on a new fish oil supplement to help give us both healthy skin and bones, aid in our muscle recovery, and maintaining a healthy heart.  So far we are both liking the results of the Super Omega 3 Pet Fish Oil and the Super Omega 3 Fish Oil for humans from Stronger Faster Healthier (  These oils are made of a blend of omega 3 oil and coconut oil and are soy, sugar and gluten free.  The human version also has added Vitamin D3 and for some strange reason it is offered in a variety of flavors like Lemon, Mint, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Tangerine, everything except for plain old fish flavor… IMG_20140421_211241

Luckily the folks at SFH didn’t ruin the pet version with some odd flavor.  I like it just fine, only wish they offered a bigger bottle of it coz’ for a doggy my size I need 2.5 teaspoons daily and between me and Butthead the 10oz bottle (sorry no picture) doesn’t seem to last that long.  Even though it is quite a bit more spendy than the average pet fish oils on the market (approx.. $4.00 per fl.oz. vs $0.78 per fl.oz.), after only trying 12oz of the stuff the jury is still out on if the health benefits of the SFH brand are 4 times better than that of the average fish oils for pets.  SFH brand fish oil for pets gets a 3.5 PAW overall Walter PUPproval rating for taste and healthy benefits but the price could be significantly lower.

Speaking of fishy things…the peeps at Dog’Cruces recently asked Mom to make up some Cat Treats.  I got all excited at first when Mom told me about it coz’ I thought we were gonna get to hunt cats!  Then, Mom dashed my dreams by informing me that she was going to make treats for cats to eat.  WHAT!?  What does my Mom know about cats?  Well, truth is all she knows about them is that she’s allergic to them.  But with some research and consulting with Ms. Karen of Karen’s Animal House ( and my blog buddy Ku’s Mom Ms. Julliane (, Mom came up with a couple of cat safe treats that just so happen to be great for us doggies too!  Thank You ladies!

Check out these Salmon Jello Treats that were featured in the spring edition of Dog’Cruces (mis-named Cat’Cruces)…after all, who doesn’t love Jell-O?IMG_20140309_205926


1 can salmon (7.5 oz, with skin and bones, rinsed and drained);

½ C cottage cheese;

1 pkg gelatin (unflavored);

1 tbsp fresh parsley (chopped);

1 tbsp tomato sauce (for color);

½ C hot water;

How To:

Combine all ingredients, except water and gelatin, in blender or food processor and puree until smooth.  Dissolve gelatin in hot water.  Add salmon puree to gelatin mixture and stir completely.  Pour or spoon mixture into silicon molds or ice cube trays and refrigerate 2-3 hours.  Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.IMG_20140309_163751

NOTE:  ALWAYS consult with your pet’s veterinarian regarding ingredients, serving sizes, & special dietary requirements prior to changing your pet’s diet.

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