Last Friday was my 4th BARKday…that’s about 39 years old in people years.  That’s getting up there in them years….at least I’m still younger than my Mom who turned the BIG 4-0 last month!

Mom baked this PAWsome Sweet Potatoe Carob cake (recipe coming soon) for me, to share with my buds at day care (except she was attempting to multitask when making it and forgot to double the recipe for the bigger pan and it came out more like a flat brownie)…IMG_20140423_234437

I got some cool loot from my buds Zorillo and Nacho… IMG_20140429_172418

Mom got me this Super PAWsome new paracord collar… IMG_20140502_135934

She got them from the totally cool Mr. Josh and his wife at the Farmer’s Market, Para-Bands is his company name… IMG_20140423_150527

And he custom made these cool collars (yeah, she also got one for Butthead, I don’t know why, it’s not like it’s his BARKday), leash, and coupler with reflective paracord woven into them.  He also put a custom D-ring in the leash so Mom could buckle it around her waist for hands free running!

Check them out here under normal daylight… IMG_20140420_083141

And with light reflecting off of them, perfect for our early morning runs to get the attention of sleepy drivers… IMG_20140420_083107

Go check out Mr. Josh’s neat paracord creations at his booth on Farmer’s Market or his FB page (  I give these collars and leashes a 5 PAW Walter PUPproval Rating for big dog durability, ruggedness, and just plain PAWsomeness!

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