Well, while I’ve been absent from the blog lately, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it and all my blog pals.  Here’s a quick update on one of the dog friendly restaurants I got to check out here in the LC.

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad took me and Butthead out to get a little Brekkie before heading to Farmer’s Market.  This time we checked out the new Café de Mesilla ( right near our hood… IMG_20140531_092540

They had a nice sunny patio with a few dog water bowls around.  They also had a little fountain you could make a wish in, (I made a wish, but it seems Butthead hasn’t run away yet, so I’m thinking maybe the wishing fountain is broken)… IMG_20140531_092647

Mom ordered the classic Huevos Rancheros (green this time) consisting of 2 eggs, New Mexico Green Sauce, country potatoes, and beans.  Since Mom prefers more protein she also ordered a side of sausage… IMG_20140531_095124

Mom said the green chile sauce was about right and thankfully not too touristy mild.

Dad was my hero and ordered the El Grandisimo breakfast platter!  It consisted of 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, AND ham, country potatoes, choice of toast, AND a side of French toast or pancakes!!  It was hugemongous and had me drooling… IMG_20140531_095133

Dad ordered his eggs basted and they knew just how to cookem’ that way (most places don’t I guess).

Like several restaurants you go inside to order and pay and they give you a number to take back to your table with you… IMG_20140531_092521

Mom is NOT a big fan of this method coz’ if the place is really busy you often end up watching the waiter wander around with your food trying to locate the correct customer while it gets cold or passes by other customers who want to look at it or smell it or worse cough on it.  Anyway, luckily the place was not too busy and our food had no trouble finding our table.

Mom and Dad both enjoyed their meals very much and Café de Mesilla gets 4+ PAWS Walter PUPproval rating for dog friendliness.

Walter’s PUPproval rating criteria: 0 PAW – No Dogs Allowed; 1 PAW – Dog breed/size discriminatory; 2 PAW – Dogs accommodated but not really Welcome; 3 PAW – Dog friendly, but could be more welcoming; 4 PAW – Dog friendly, happy to see us, water offered; 5 PAW – Super Dog Friendly, water & treats offered, operated by dog lovers;

4 thoughts on “CAFE DE MESILLA

  1. That was a LOT of food! Wow! Looks yummy! I am a new follower of your blog! Nice to meet you! COme by and visit us!

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