So, a few weeks ago, Mom and Dad started piling a ton of gear bags, backpacks, etc. in Mom’s workout room.  I thought FANTASTIC!  We are going on a summer vacation! Hooray!  I was soooo excited as I watched them pile new items that they didn’t want to forget on the travel pile.  From the looks of the stuff they were collecting it was looking like we were going to be enjoying a grand adventure!  I LOVE ADVENTURES!

The day finally came when Mom and Dad loaded up the car with our gear, my food, bed, leash, and toys!  I thought ‘Yay! We are off to seek out new adventures and undiscovered country!’…As Dad drove, the mood in the Suburban was quiet and solemn.  I thought it was strange to be so sad when we were headed off to a grand adventure.  Then I started taking note of the landmarks we were passing by and I realized that while Mom and Dad were going on a grand adventure, but Butthead and I would not be going along!  WHAT?!?!  We were headed to our Auntie Nae Nae’s place!  Grrrr!  While I love spending time with Auntie and her pack I HATE being duped into thinking I’m getting to go on an adventure with Mom!

Mom recognized my disappointment and as she was giving me hugs she told me “Don’t worry Handsome, you’ll get to join us on an adventure later this year, I promise.  Peru is just too far for you pups to travel with us and the airlines don’t let us buy you big doggies tickets to sit up in the cabin with us like they do for those rodent sized doggies that can fit under the seats.  Be assured my handsome little man, that if those airlines allowed it, you’d be traveling with me everywhere.”  With that lame excuse, she kissed me on the snout, gave me a big hug, and left me and Butthead behind!

After a long two and a half weeks of playing with my buddies at Auntie’s house, Mom and Dad finally decided they’d come back to get us!  16 days is a long time!  While Butthead and I spent our time having fun running, playing, romping, eating, drinking, pooping, and sleeping.  Mom and Dad were busy whitewater rafting and camping in the jungle… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Climbing mountains and exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu… 0473 Peru

Trekking along the volcanos and watching the condors of Colca Canyon…0823 Peru And I can’t believe they didn’t take me with them!  I love all that kind of adventure stuff (well, maybe with the exception of the whitewater rafting part).

Once we were all back home Mom shared some of the pictures she took on their adventure without me.  I became even more disgusted when I saw all the pictures Mom took of other doggies!!  Seriously Mom?!  You leave me to go on vacation and tell me that they don’t allow dogs in Peru only to come back with pictures of all sorts of dogs that live in Peru!?!  As you can imagine, I was quite perturbed by this.

Then she explained to me that most of the dogs she saw in Peru were homeless street dogs.  Most of them live their lives on the streets, scavenging for food, dodging traffic, and wandering.  She said that there was a large stray dog population in just about every town or city they visited.  Despite this, the people of Peru in general accepted these dogs as part of their community.  Street vendors and store keepers would have a few of the regular strays that would make their daily rounds for a scrap of food or a scratch behind the ear.  Nearly all the dogs she saw appeared healthy and nourished.

Then she told me the truth…many of these dogs reminded her of Butthead and how we found him on the streets as a pup…and she started missing me and Butthead so much, that’s why she started taking all these pictures.  Hmmm, I suppose that is an acceptable excuse…but I was thinking that if Butthead’s long lost cousins are in Peru, maybe we should send him over there too!

These dogs appear very comfortable and at home on the streets, in public, and among crowds of peeps.  Here are some of the pictures Mom took.

Some city doggies sleeping on the sidewalk…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Others using the crosswalks in high traffic areas…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some watching from rooftops…0945 Peru

Pups playing with a shoe outside of a convenience shop…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sunbathing among tourists…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Standing watch outside tourist shops….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreeting tourists in the plaza…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Making the daily rounds at church…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeading to work…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaking siesta at an outdoor café…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnjoying lunch with their human peeps…0578 PeruSnoozing by the railroad tracks…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Greeting tourists at Machu Picchu…  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Enjoying people watching outside a convenience shop…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWatching the chickens and doing chores with the human peeps…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaking the rounds….   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways…Mom said that even though these doggies are accepted as part of the community there is still a big need to help manage the population through spay and neuter programs and rescue groups; especially before things get so out of hand that the government starts to resort to drastic measures like the mass cullings that other countries have done.  That’s why she started seeking out assistance programs, to see how we can help spread the word.  Here are a couple that she found, if you know of others, especially ones locally operated in Peru please share!

Globalteer – Volunteer Peru Dog Rescue:

Alburgue de los Perros Abandonados Arequipa:

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