I mentioned in a previous post that Mom and Dad enjoy hunting, they pretty much enjoy most outdoor activities including camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting and fishing, gardening, etc.  Also because Mom loves to cook and eat this is where the hunting (and fishing and gardening too) part comes in.

First off, before anyone gets their undies in a twist, Mom and Dad don’t hunt (or fish)anything they aren’t going to eat or anything that is illegal to hunt.  Second, they go to great lengths to utilize as much of the animals they hunt as possible…that’s where I come in!

I mentioned last week that horribly frigid deer hunting trip Butthead and I tagged along as camp dogs on and how it was a waste of time since everyone in the hunting group got skunked.  Well, Mom and Dad have been hunting for many years and after their many years of unsuccessful deer hunting, I was beginning to think that they were both pretty lousy hunters and should just stick to the butcher block at the local market.  Until last November when Mom bagged this cow Elk on their Elk hunt (thankfully, Butthead and I got to stay in comfort of our heated home while Mom and Dad were out in the freezing cold that time)! IMG_20141124_083552After field dressing and quartering it, Mom, Dad, and their buddy Bill packed all 300 lbs of the beast nearly 2 miles out of the canyon… IMG_20141124_102849And then the next day they did it all over again when Dad also got this cow… IMG_20141125_082036Back at home the quarters were hung in cooler with care…IMG_20141127_092607

And closely monitored for over a week before having the butcher party and carving up steaks… IMG_20141206_183232Woohoo!!!  Elk!  A freezer full of Yummy, Tasty, Elk!!!  And Elk parts!!! This will keep me in the kinds of feasts I’ve grown accustomed to for quite a while.IMG_20141206_173817

Yep, Mom and Dad keep as much of the animals they hunt as they can, lucky for me Mom turns many of those elk parts into tasty treats for me and Butthead.  Liver is baked into cookies (like my Lip Lickin Liver Libations or the Liver & Cranberry Cat Bait recipe posted previously), heart is turned into jerky strips, tendon and trachea is dried into chews, fresh bones and hooves we get to gnaw on, lungs are freeze dried into super lightweight treats.

I’ve decided that Elk is the most gloriously delicious thing I have ever tasted in my entire culinary career!  And a fresh Elk bone clutched in my jowels makes my tail wag with delight… IMG_20141206_170953And brings out the demon in Butthead… IMG_20141206_171040Are there any other blog pals who hunt game and what do you do with your game meat?

4 thoughts on “HUNTING

  1. I nearly swooned as I saw that tasty bones… maybe your pawrents could invite me to a hunt once? I live with two vegetarians… and that’s not easy for a hunting dog… not even for one named Easy :o)

    • Oh sorry Easy! I imagine that can be ruff especially given hunting is in your blood! But I’m betting that despite the differences in your culinary preferences your vegetarians can agree that doggies like you and I are PAWsome!

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