OMD!! I am SO behind on this blog thing. I’m sure you folks thought I had abandoned this blog completely. I assure you that is not the case at all. Mom and I have been super busy. Mom and Dad finished the renovation on the new office building and Dad got the office computers and network up and running. There is still the little details that are happening as time allows but most importantly, my new ‘home away from home’ is complete with indoor and outdoor play areas, nap areas, and watering stations.

I have lots to catch y’all up on…camping trips and many more recipes…

When we aren’t spending many hours at the office Café de Mesilla is starting to become one of our favorite weekend breakfast spots. We’ve made a few visits here for Sunday breakfast in the past few months. They have really quaint dog friendly patio with plenty of umbrellas for shade while dining al fresco.


Us pups are always offered a bowl of fresh water and the peeps are super friendly. Occassionally, we also are offered a bite or two of BACON!20150314_120015

Dad of course orders the exact same thing every single time! The Grandisimo, is a monster protein breakfast with an extra kick of carbs for good measure. 3 eggs, bacon, ham, AND sausage, potatoes, toast, plus a side of French toast! Even though it’s not on the menu anymore they’ll still make it for those of you in the know… IMG_20150419_092805

Mom, mixes it up occasionally. She’s ordered the huevos rancheros before. Most recently she ordered the Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas w/ an Egg (of course)… 20150314_120750

And she’s also enjoyed the Biscuits and Sausage Gravy that came with 2 eggs and potatoes (Mom added a side of ham to ensure she wasn’t at risk for going vegetarian)… IMG_20150419_092800

Café de Mesilla gets a 4 PAW Walter PUPproval rating for good food, great atmosphere, and pup friendly peeps!  I can’t wait to go back!

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