Mom FINALLY got some photos downloaded from our spring camping trip and maiden voyage with our brand new used tent trailer that Santa brought us last Christmas. We took this trip back in April to get to know our new tent trailer and adjust from tent camping on the ground to tent camping on wheels, prior to our big summer road trip I’m going to tell you about in a later series of posts.

Mom and Dad decided to take a weekend in April to head up to Quemado Lake Recreation Area located in the San Francisco Mountains between the Town of Quemado and Pie Town, NM. This lake is supposed to have some of the best Trout Fishing in the entire State of New Mexico. I personally think that’s just what NM Game & Fish tell people to sell more fishing permits.

We arrived at camp midafternoon on a Friday and located an open campsite. Mom and Dad got camp all set up relatively quickly while Butthead and I explored and marked our campsite perimeter. Here’s a pic of the tent trailer all set up… Camp

While relaxing in camp with adult beverages, Dad started getting the campfire started, Mom grabbed her camera and snapped a few photos of our first campsite visitors a couple of Robins… Robin with Breakfast Robin 1 Camp Robin

Meanwhile, Butthead neurotically chased every squirrel, butterfly, reflection, and shadow within camp… IMGP0753

And I made the most of being out in nature by relaxing in the warm sun… Lounging in the Sun

That evening, after dinner and putting out the campfire Butthead and I snuggled into our luxury accommodations for the night (it was still a little bit chilly in the evenings up in the mountains, good thing Mom remembered to pack my custom made jammies)… IMGP0862

After breakfast the following morning… Yummy Camp Breakfast

We headed out for a hike down to the lake to do a little fishing. The hike was really more of an easy walk down a jeep trail… Hiking to the Lake

Along the way we kept an eye out for signs of other critters… Animal Tracks

Once at the lake Mom spotted this Great Blue Heron and other bird (Kingfisher maybe?) surveying the lake for a potential snack… GBH & Kingfisher

Then she caught a picture of this Egret fishing for his lunch… Egret with Breakfast

I decided that fishing is boring and decided to take a nap while Dad attempted to catch something…IMGP0840 Good thing Mom knew better and brought food for us just on the off chance that they didn’t catch any fish for dinner (which they did not).

A cold front moved in that night shortly after dinnertime while we were resting by the fire. I decided that it was too cold to relax on the ground next to Mom and the minute she got up to get herself another beverage I snagged her warm chair by the fire… Staying Warm By the Campfire

She of course is too much of a softie and didn’t make me move!


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