That last night of camping at Quemado Lake a storm rolled in and with it sleet! It was April for goodness sake! Even after breakfast there was no indication that the freezing rain would cease so Mom and Dad had little choice but to pack up the tent trailer wet and wait til we got home to air it out.

After we got camp all packed up Mom and Dad decided to stop for lunch in Pie Town. Yep, a whole entire town named for PIE! (,_New_Mexico)

It was a cute little town, and they chose to stop at the Pie Town Café ( because Mom was starting to get “hangry” and they had a sign claiming to have “Great Burgers and Fries”. That’s all it took to get Mom to stop there (she’s a sucker for greasy burgers and fries)… Pie Town Cafe

They also had a good selection of homemade pies, of course… Pie Town Cafe - Pie Chart

Because the weather was still cold and wet, Butthead and I got to wait in the car while Mom and Dad dined inside. Although, Dad did speak to the folks running the place and they were more than happy to let us pups dine on the patio if the weather weren’t so horrible.

Mom ordered the Cheeseburger and Fries, of course… Pie Town Cafe - Cheeseburger & Fries

While Dad ordered the Green Chile Patty Melt (photo’s not so great)… Pie Town Cafe - Patty Melt

Mom and Dad both said that the burgers were absolutely fantastic, perfectly seasoned and not over cooked. The hand cut fries had the perfect balance of crunch and tender potatoey goodness (Mom ate her’s with mustard and mayo, which Dad thinks is disgusting).

Although, they were full, they decided they couldn’t stop and eat in Pie Town and not have any pie.

So, Mom tried the Triple Berry… Pie Town Cafe - Triple Berry Pie

While Dad had the Green Chile Pinon Apple Pie (check their website for the recipe)… Pie Town Cafe - Green Chile Pinon Apple Pie

The Triple Berry had a great flaky crust and was not overly sweetened so you could still taste the tartness of the berries. The apples and spices went surprisingly well with the light heat of the green chile and nuttiness of the pinons.

Mom and Dad give Pie Town Café a thumbs up for the great food and friendly service. I hope to go back sometime soon to check it out for overall dog friendliness.

After lunch, we continued our short journey home. The drive took us thru a unique area of New Mexico and a site called the Very Large Array or VLA for short ( Operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the VLA has 27 super sized radio antenna configured and oriented to search for all sorts of alien transmissions… VLA1

To seek out new life, and new civilizations…to go where no one has gone…oh, wait, wrong show…nevermind. VLA2

It’s a totally cool but pretty nerdy attraction. You should check it out if you’re in the area, otherwise just check out the movie ‘Contact’ with Miss Jodie Foster and you’ll get the idea.

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