Our next day at the Grand Canyon was spent exploring the North Rim sights. This side of the canyon was far less crowded with tourists and we got to enjoy a little more sights. Although, still ever disappointingly we frequently encountered these discriminating signs… No Dogs 2

And often on some of the most unlikely of trails, like this one… No Dogs 1

But of course as the Canine Good Citizens that we are, we waited with Mom in the shade while Dad went and checked out what was down the trail… Waiting in the shade

We did find other places with in the park with trails that we checked out, like this old abandoned salt storage shed… salt House

And got to check out some of these other scenic overlooks… Grand Canyon North Rim - overlook IMGP1007 IMGP1012 IMGP1017 IMGP1010

Back at camp, we enjoyed the cooler climate of the North Rim, Mom and Dad enjoyed Happy Hour, while I settled in for my pre-dinner siesta… IMGP0973

At least that was until Butthead woke me up because he said he saw some Kaibab Squirrels! I leaped up in anticipation that Mom was cooking up some Squirrel Kabobs for dinner! I thought PAWsome I’ve never had squirrel kabobs before but I bet they are fantastic! Well, you can imagine my extreme disappointment when I learned that I was not getting any squirrel kabobs but in fact there are these strange looking creatures that are only found in this particular forest and they are called Kaibab Squirrels! Kaibab Squirrel

It was discouraging to see so many natural and wild places that Man has banned Man’s Best Friend! Especially when the trails are paved and designed to be ADA accessible and a park ranger then tells us that Dogs cannot go on these trails for their own safety! What kind of ridiculous nonsense is that? Now, it is certainly understandable to restrict pets (and children for that matter) on trails that are extremely treacherous and steep, but really, on a paved trail with less than a 8% grade and safety rails on the sides? C’mon NP peeps the canine discrimination needs to STOP!

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