About Me.

Hi there! My name is ‘Walter’ (Wingman) Dubbin. I’m a rescue doggy. Mom & Dad adopted me from the wonderful peeps at Great Dane Rescue of El Paso (GDREP) when I was only four months old. I don’t know much about the circumstances around my birth and my life before the rescue except that I was born with these beautiful baby blue eyes and merle markings and my first family had intended to keep me until they discovered that I was also born deaf. That’s when they decided they didn’t want me anymore and surrendered me to GDREP. I lived with a wonderful foster family until I was adopted by Mom & Dad.

My new life with my furever family has been wonderful. Mom enlisted me in doggy school right away and taught me obedience commands using a combination of basic canine obedience hand signals and standard American Sign Language. I did so well that she and I have also successfully run agility courses all with hand signals. So many people I meet are surprised to learn that a deaf dog can be as smart as I am. Silly people, Mom & I proved to them that a deaf dog doesn’t mean a dumb dog, I just sleep more soundly.

My Big Sis PaiGow and I bonded immediately and she would tell me when I should be hearing something important. I learned so much from PaiGow and relied on her tremendously. She would alert me to important things to bark at or to chase, and she would come find me and wake me up when it was time to eat. I miss her so much now. She was in a big fight and lost her battle with an evil vicious monster called Nueroendocrine Carcinoma (Mom calls the beast ‘Effing Cancer’).

About my Mom.

She’s an engineer. Not the kind that drives trains but a civil engineer, the kind that design roads (for traveling places), utilities (for drinking and pooping), drainage structures (for playing in the mud), and protect the environment (nuf said). She is also a general contractor (she builds stuff) and she owns and operates her own firm here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. That’s where I work (well, mostly nap).

Anyway, that’s the boring stuff about her, but it keeps me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to. The cool stuff is that her first doggy she rescued was an abandoned Pekinese while she was a child growing up in Saudi Arabia. She and her brother brought this abandoned dog home and begged grandma & grandpa if they could keep it ‘just for one night’; well, years later that dog ‘Patches’ was flying home to the United States of America in First Class on Luftansa Airlines, while the rest of the family flew in economy class. I hope to fly first class one day, naturally.

Mom has loved several dogs and has been lucky enough to have them as part of her life for nearly 30 years, she has been actively educating pups like me in obedience for nearly 20 years, and has been cooking healthy dog treats & food for her furkids about 17 years. Lucky for me Mom is a foodie and loves to not only eat but also to cook. Her adventures in cooking for doggies all started when she first had to make a special diet for one of her first furkids a Chowbrador named ‘Stormy’ who had developed Pancreatitus, when she was older.

About my Dad.

Dad is also an engineer. He is a Fire Protection Engineer; not the kind that wears a fireman’s helmet and drives the fire trucks but the kind that designs, reviews, and inspects the life safety systems in buildings. Dad calls me his ‘Wingman’. Why you might ask? Well, simply put, coz’ the bitches love me. You see, sometimes I take dad, or one of his single friends with me, especially at happening places like Yappy Hour, at the Farmer’s Market, at the University, or at the pub all the girls can’t help but stop to look at my mezmorizing blue eyes, give me hugs, and ask whomever I’m with about the handsome stud (that’s me) that they are hanging out with. In many cases some of these dudes wouldn’t even get a second glance from the pretty ladies if it weren’t for me. Hence…Walter ‘Wingman’ to the rescue.

About my Little Bro.

I’ve got a little brother now. His name is ‘Buliwyf’ (pronounced ‘Bull-vye’), but I prefer to call him ‘Butthead’ coz’ he’s kinda a little twerp. We (Mom, Dad, & I) picked him up from the side of the road while on the way to work one morning. Can you believe it, a homeless street dog! He was a scaredy-cat too and ran from Mom & Dad while I was late for my morning treat. Mom said se was going to find his family or get him to a good home….well, after three weeks she did, my home! Now I have to share my treats, my beds, and even my water bowl. But he’s cleaned up ok and has been a decent pair of ears too. He still has a lot to learn but he’s got potential, he just needs to follow my lead.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. When I come across a blog I always head straight to the ‘about me’ type page, and I’m always disappointed when people don’t write one! But this is one of the BEST ones i’ve read, very funny and sweet, and I learnt loads about you!
    I’m going to follow too!
    Katie 🙂

  2. Hi there Yudi! Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away. My favorites are the Droolin Good Gruel (which Mom has not posted yet, but will after the new year), Salmon Hot Dish, Tooter Salad Bites, Turkey Dinner MRE’s, Chicken & Cheddar Cookies, Lip LIckin’ Liver Cookies (also to be posted soon), and anything with SALMON!

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