Last Weekend was the Full Moon.  And this time it was what they called the Super Moon, coz’ supposedly it was closer to the earth than normal….that’s still pretty frickin far if you ask me…

Anyway, Mom and Dad loaded Butthead and I up into my Big Dog Batmobile (aka. Mom’s (Ain’t No Soccer Mom) Z-71 Super Suburban); and we headed out on the road.  After 20 minutes of stopping for gas, meeting up with some of Mom’s friends, I decided it was going to be awhile so I thought I’d get a quick cat nap in.  Well, about 50 minutes later I awoke as Dad was navigating the Batmobile thru what appeared to be the Arctic Circle!  And Me without my sweater!!

Mom and Dad had never brought us to this place before, we were surrounded by these rolling hills covered in white stuff, I was starting to shiver just thinking about how cold it was going to be once we had to get out; or worse, should we get stuck out on this frozen tundra!    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That’s when Mom informed me that we were at White Sands National Monument for an evening picnic, to watch the sunset, and wait for the Super Moon to rise.  Whew!  Wait!  Did she say PICNIC!?  SWEET!  I LOVE picnics!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I don’t know what I was so worried about, I should have known that if we were gonna be headed out to some frigid wasteland Mom certainly would have packed my entire cold weather wardrobe.  She’s pretty good about making sure I got everything I could ever need when out and about.  Dad sez’ she spoils me too much.  I think he’s just jealous coz’ she calls me her ‘Handsome Man’.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Back to the White Sands.  As we exited out of the Batmobile our feet sank into this really soft white stuff and it wasn’t cold at all!  We hiked a short distance up to the top of what Mom called Sand-Dudes.  I’m not real sure what she meant but once at the top we could see that there were miles of these Sand-Dudes in every direction…we were surrounded by them!   Everyone got out their camp chairs and spread out blankets to set up the Picnic.  Butthead was in awe at that sandy white stuff and kept trying to dig at it…he almost threw sand on the entire picnic!


Mom and Dad laid out their picnic of Insalata Caprese (made with our garden tomatoes and basil, salted mozzarella slices, with a little balsamic vinaigrette ), crusty sour dough baguette, and a bottle of Fat Cat Merlot ($3 from Toucan Market).  Of course, Mom also packed us some picnic appetizers of apple and cheddar chicken roll ups (previously posted) and fresh water spiked with chicken broth.

It was a really nice evening spent in a really unique dog friendly spot, with super cool peeps and tasty food.  Looking forward to visiting this place again on the next full moon.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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