Happy New Year Peeps!  Didya miss me?  Well I’ve certainly missed y’all.  OK…let’s get caught up and see if we can’t start my blog off on the right paw this year!

Exciting stuff has happened over the past few months, in no particular order here’s a summary…

Halloween was kinda lame.  Mom was too busy working to get a costume together for me and Butthead so she threw these off the shelf costumes on us (don’t we look thrilled?)…IMG_20141031_165927

That was only after she tried in a last ditch effort to come up with something original and dress us up like Wyatt and Gary from Weird Science (thankfully we didn’t have to go out in public like that)…

IMG_20141015_165435 IMG_20141015_170448








We certainly weren’t winning any prizes with either one of those costumes!

We got to tag along and be camp dogs with Mom and Dad on their deer hunt in early November.  I was excited at first because I like camping.  But it was sooo cold at night that even in addition to wearing my fleecy vest and wrapped in my fleecy blanket, I also wore my Mom’s fleecy neck gator on my head and crawled into her sleeping bag with her…IMG_20141109_212713Have I mentioned before how I HATE the cold?  Yes, well I do, I HATE it!  That camping trip truly sucked cat turds!  Not only did I have to endure being out in nature and cold, Mom and Dad didn’t even get a stinkin deer!  More on hunting later.

Over Thanksgiving Mom and Dad cooked up this huge feast… IMG_20141127_141014Mom even baked an apple pie just for the HUMANS!


Dad and I both were in disbelief; 1) because Mom never bakes for Dad, and 2) I didn’t think that she knew how to bake people food!!!

For Christmas, ‘Santa’ brought Mom a new DSLR and lately she’s been relearning her photography skills from way back when she did film photography with her old SLR.  So hopefully, someday soon, you’ll be seeing some improved food and doggy photos here on the blog.  Believe it or not, almost all the photos posted so far have been taken with Mom’s Blackberry cell phone camera (yes, she still uses a Blackberry…Dad has tried to get her to switch to a Droid or iPhone but NOPE, she’s sticking with her ancient technology…I suppose that’s why it’s taken her so long to finally move up to a DSLR).

Between Mom and Dad’s busy work life, working the renovation of Mom’s new office building (which I’ve been closely supervising to ensure that the VIP (Very Important Pooch) Door is installed to the outdoor sunbathing deck properly)…Mom and I have been cooking up these delicious treats which we’ll be posting recipes for very soon (I hope).

Road Apples… IMG_20140908_211151Sweet Potato Applesauce Biscuits…

IMG_20141016_211926Gluten Free Quiche… Quiche 3

Cat Splatz Cookies…

Cat Splatz 2Gingerbread Dudes…

IMG_20141119_225222In the Fall issue of DogCruces Magazine we placed an ad for Walter’s Lunchbox Custom Made to Order Cakes and Treats…well, not 1 week after the issue was on newsstands Mom received a phone call from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture advising us to ‘cease and desist’.  Yep, that’s right, Mom and I got busted and almost hauled off to the clink by the dog treat police for offering our baked goods to the public.  Sooo, over the past few months Mom and I have also been working with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to get some of Walter’s Lunchbox treats analyzed and registered with them.  They have been very helpful and informative in working with us to get all of our ducks in a row and we plan to have some of our products registered for sale in NM sometime in 2015.

OK, off for now peeps but will be back soon!  Have a great week all!

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